Prettiest Places to Visit in Autumn

America is a beautiful place, and even more beautiful in the fall with the colorful atmosphere. Between big trees, calm waters, and changing leaves, you don’t have to travel far to take in the natural fall beauty around us. To experience the best fall foliage, here are the prettiest places to visit in autumn!

Visit in Autumn: Aspen, Colorado

visit in autumn CO
Photo Credit: Earth Porm

When a world-famous town is named after a tree, you know it’s an extraordinary place. The leaves in Aspen, Colorado turn a rich yellow hue in the fall and literally shimmer in the breeze when the sun hits them. The gold tones of aspens in autumn make for a picture-perfect contrast with the evergreens and mountain peaks surrounding the atmosphere. Travel alone, or bring your friends for the ultimate fall adventure.

Visit in Autumn: Upper Peninsula, Michigan

visit in autumn MH
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Michigan’s state forest system is the largest in the eastern United States, being one of the best places to visit this autumn. You can take your pick from over twenty forested state parks, full of every tree imaginable: ash, aspen, beech, birch, maple, oak, sycamore, and tamarack. The densely forested peninsula is right between three Great Lakes, making the ultimate view. You can see the tranquil waters, ranging in color and reflecting back the brilliant fall colors from the trees. The northernmost part of the Upper Peninsula is also known for its historic lighthouses, being the perfect place to stay and view everything.

Visit in Autumn: The Catskills, New York

visit in autumn NY
Photo Credit: Acsu Buffalo – University at Buffalo

Located right here in southeastern New York, is home to six major river systems, thirty-five mountain peaks, and the famous Woodstock festival. The Catskills is a year-round destination, but is the most vibrant in the fall when you see electrifying reds, yellows, and oranges everywhere you look. Everyone savors the fall harvest between the thickly wooded hillsides. Additionally, many of the historic villages in the region host festivals and fairs, including farmers’ markets and pick-your-own orchards. You can stay at the Inn at Lake Joseph for a more retreat experience, or a charming B&B if you’re on a budget.

Visit in Autumn: Green Mountain Byway, Vermont

visit in autumn VT
Photo Credit: Travel + Leisure

Nothing beats the maple, birch, and beech trees on this route. Green Mountain Byway displays one of the most dazzling displays of color in New England. It is home to one of the most famous ski resorts in the east, two state forests, and three state parks. In this part of Vermont, there’s a bird’s-eye view of the forested slopes and easy access to hiking and horseback riding. It’s full of fall activities, all with a beautiful view.

Visit in Autumn: The Berkshires, Massachusetts

visit in fall MA
Photo Credit: JustLuxe

The Berkshires provide world-class foliage viewing, being right along notable art and culture. This place in Massachusetts contains narrow winding roads that connect the mountain hamlets. Against a forest backdrop of yellow, crimson, and every hue in between, it is one of the most beautiful gallery-hopping or antiquing trips of your life. You can also spend the weekend at one of the region’s storied spas, soaking in the breathtaking autumn views while relaxing. You can see and read more about this location here!

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