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Prom season is upon us! As exciting as that is, it can be equally as stressful. To avoid any possible mishaps and to make your big day as enjoyable as possible, we have created a prom checklist for you! Read it, check it, and then check it again. Now is not the time to “just wing it!”, prom is a once in a lifetime event and should be treated and planned for as such. Here is Faviana’s Prom Checklist!

1. Schedule your Hair AppointmentProm Checklist | Schedule your hair appointment | Faviana

Schedule your hair appointment in advance, as you’re competing with everyone else in your city at your local salon.  Don’t forget to bring several pictures of styles you like to the appointment. Need help deciding on a hairstyle? We have some great blogs to help you out, and Pinterest is always full of ideas as well! If you plan on doing your hair yourself or are having a friend do it, make sure you practice not once, not twice, but several times! I also recommend gathering all the supplies you need (bobby pins, elastic bands, teasing comb, etc.) and putting them in a Ziploc bag so they can easily be found on prom day.

2. Does your Dress Fit?

sewing supplies-favianaSewing Review

Try on your dress, and make sure it fits like a glove and you feel good in it. If needed, take your dress to a local tailor for alterations. However, alterations can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks so you definitely need to plan ahead on this one!  After you make sure your dress fits perfectly, and you have got your shoes, jewelry and amazing evening clutch ready to go, shop ahead to pack your clutch in advance with all the essentials you will need come prom night. Check out our Ultimate Prom Clutch blog with it’s own checklist of necessary essentials.

3. Finalize Transportation

prom limo-favianaBlack Car

Finalize prom transportation arrangements as soon as possible. Whether it be a limo, a fancy convertible, or the back of your Dad’s minivan, plan ahead and figure out how you and your friends are going to get to prom on time, and who and what is going to get you there.  If you are concerned about the hefty price tags that often come along with all of the prom checklist items read more about how you can save money for prom here.

4. Plan Pre-Prom Pictures

prom photos-favianaClarisse

Discuss with your friends the time and location for pre-prom pictures. A scenic park or a friend’s backyard are two great options! Wherever you choose, just make sure everyone (yes, including parents) knows exactly where and when to meet.  Keep in mind that ambiance is everything, and these are photos that will be on your mantel for years to come so definitely put some thought into the location.  If you are not into the traditional scenic portraits, read up on all the tips and tricks to achieve the perfect prom selfie.

4. Break in those New ShoesProm Checklist | Break In The Pumps| Faviana

Break in those new shoes. Strut your stuff in your new 6-inch stilettos everywhere and anywhere you can; even around the house. Trust me, you will thank me later, and you will have killer calf muscles! Consider getting some cushion inserts for the pads of your feet if your shoes hurt while you are you are breaking them in.  Keep in mind it is better to know in advance if you will need band aids, non-slip sole grips, or pad cushions.  It is better to be safe than sorry, so take your shoes for a test drive.  Need some help picking the right style, check out our prom shoe post.

5. Take Care of Your SkinProm Checklist | Moisturize| Faviana

Take extra care of your skin in the days and weeks leading up to prom. Exfoliate and moisturize daily and be hyper vigilant in fighting off any zits or pimples that may try to emerge. I would not recommend trying any new products on your face until after prom. Also, do not forget to tweeze your brows or schedule an appointment to get them waxed or threaded at least 2-3 days before prom to give time for any redness to go away.  If you truly want to achieve glowing skin try a pre-prom cleanse.

6. Nail AppointmProm Checklist | Nails| Favianaent

Schedule an appointment to get your nails done on the morning of prom or the night before (you can always paint them yourself too!).  Getting your nails done should be one of the last things you do because you don’t want to chip them.  If you plan to get them done and have a particular color in mind, make sure you check beforehand to make sure that they have that color, or bring your own polish. Otherwise, French nails always look lovely and goes with everything!

Get it? Got it? Good. If you can check everything off of this list, then you can breath and relax because you ready for prom! However, if you can’t check everything off of this list, you better get going, as time is of the essence!

What’s on your prom checklist? Do you have some prom planning tips to show?  Let us know by commenting below or by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana & Twitter @FavianaNY.



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