Scary Movies to Binge-Watch Tonight

Happy Halloween! Before you start taking down your Halloween decorations and putting away your Halloween costume, try to enjoy the last few hours with a night in. There’s no better way to end the scary holiday than with a bunch of scary movies. Grab your popcorn and blankets, here are the scary movies you need to binge-watch tonight!

Scary Movies: The Shining

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The perfect fall activity is watching scary movies, so you might as well do it on the scariest night of the year. A classic that will never get old is The Shining. Based on a Stephen King novel, the main character, Jack, becomes a winter caretaker at the isolated Overlook Hotel in Colorado, hoping to cure his writer’s block. He settles with his wife, Wendy, and son, Danny, who is plagued with psychic feelings the whole time. As Jack’s writing goes nowhere, Danny’s visions become more disturbing. Jack then discovers the hotel’s dark secrets and begins to unravel into a homicidal maniac, terrorizing his family.

Scary Movies: The Den

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Patience is a must while watching The Den, as more-than-meets-the-eye exercises are found throughout the horror film. It’s primarily about a grad student researching the user habits of a video-chat website. While studying the habits of webcam users, the young woman witnesses a murder online. Little does she know that she becomes the killer’s next target. The majority of the film takes place on computer screens, cell phone screens, and cameras for short terms, which is right up our alley. As her situation worsens, the scary Internet theme becomes aggressively unpleasant.

Scary Movies: Stake Land

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Stake Land shows a plague that turns America into a realm of vampires, but this is not your typical vampire movie. The vampires in this horror film are unsociable killing machines, fighting with their neighbors as they trudge through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Full of supercharged vamps and Satanic cults, the survivors don’t have much a fighting chance. Besides a hunter of the immoral creatures who travels cross-country with an orphan he rescued, searching for a safe haven.

Scary Movies: At The Devil’s Door

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At the Devil’s Door gives Glee‘s Naya Rivera and MTV’s Awkward’s Ashley Rickards the opportunity to leave high school behind for some old-fashioned Satanism and deals with the devil. Rickards plays a young girl who, because she’s sprung off a new boyfriend, decides to sell her soul to the devil. A real estate agent, Leigh, must sell a home that has quite a few horrific secrets and dark past, one of which reveals itself to her right away. Meanwhile, Rivera, is a free-spirited artist who has no desire to become domesticated, even though her sister Leigh has specific reasons for wanting her to start a family. Leigh becomes entangled with a supernatural force with sinister plans, as you will see the devil itself throughout the film. You can watch the full trailer here!

Scary Movies: The ABCs of Death

scary movies
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The ABCs of Death is exactly what the title says, turning letters into scary entries around the world. Comprised of 26 directors, each presents a different means of life termination based on letters from the alphabet. With 26 ways to die, you will be in for a fright adventure, scared to go to sleep yourself. You can watch it right on Netflix now!

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