Smart Grocery Shopping

Especially if you’re shopping on a budget and looking to save money, then it’s essential to engage in smart grocery shopping. If done correctly, grocery shopping can actually be fun and make you feel good about yourself as soon as you’re done. We understand time and money restraints, so we’re here to make the experience quick and painless for you. Try out these tips for smart grocery shopping!

Grocery Shopping List

smart grocery shopping
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This may seem old-fashioned, but how are you going to grocery shop without knowing what to buy? Grab a piece of paper or your phone, and make a grocery list! You should do this by looking around your house to see what you need or what you’re running out of. You may think it’s easier to just go to the grocery store and pick up whatever looks good, however, planning out what you will be eating will save your bill from adding up!

Get The Essentials

smart grocery shopping
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When making your grocery list and shopping, make sure you are only buying what you actually need. That’s why we suggest taking a tour around your kitchen to clearly see the products you need to replace. With that being said, only buy the amount of an item you need as well. Buying a larger size of a product may seem like a good idea to save money, but it’s not when you end up having to throw it out because it went bad. Stick to the essentials and the realistic amount that you can eat in a week.

Buy The Store Brand

smart grocery shopping
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While in the store, you may be tempted to buy the fancy brands. Since they’re more expensive, they have to be better, right? WRONG! Most grocery brands contain the exact same ingredients as other brands, all for a cheaper price. To save money and time, consider buying these generic brands for the same quality product. The only items we suggest buying a brand name for is meat and broths.

Always Use Coupons

smart grocery shopping
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If you want ultimate savings on your products, then coupons are a must for smart grocery shopping. We all get mail and have the internet, so take advantage of the two! They provide you infinite access to coupons with mailers, weekly ads, and websites such as, SmartSource, and RedPlum. Most big chain grocery stores also have a digital coupon service on their website and reward programs, so sign up and check it out!

Ask About Discounts

smart grocery shopping
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Even if it’s not advertised in the grocery store, it can’t hurt to ask about their discount policies at checkout. This may include signing up for their discount card to scan, or watching you automatically save at checkout. Many stores also honor 10% student discounts, so see which supermarkets and days participate to save more!

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