8 Tips for Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy

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You’ve started a business – now what? It’s time to promote it and what better way is there to do that in the 21st century than on social media? We’re here to help you gain followers and promote your brand to help your business get even bigger. Here are 8 important tips for you to grow your social media platforms.

Avoid using more hashtags than words. Many Instagram users make the mistake of using an excessive amount of hashtags to gain followers and likes. This method may gain followers, but it’s usually the wrong kind of followers which are spammers or people that are trying to get a follow back. It makes your post insignificant and seems desperate. To hashtag effectively, choose specific tags that will help you connect with your target audience. We suggest using no more than five on a single post. In this situation, quality is more important than quantity.

Build a community. Focus on building a community on your social media account, rather than looking for followers. Only focusing on numbers will hurt you in the future, so try not to measure your success exclusively by the amount of followers you were able to gain. Add some personality to your posts to entertain your followers. Interact with your audience by liking and responding to their posts to increase engagement. Create conversation by asking them questions and responding to theirs. The amount of followers on your page isn’t important if you aren’t getting any engagement.

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Avoid using social media solely to advertise for your brand. Remember that social media is a channel for interaction, and not just promotion. Using your social networks strictly to advertise your services and products can lessen engagement and lose your followers’ trust. That does not mean you can’t use your account to mention events, discounts or new products. Just don’t over do it. You want to help your business remain in your audience’s mind, but not annoy them. Personify your social media page by adding photographs and videos that speak your brand.

Make use of the new live streaming feature. This new feature can help your followers feel more connected to your business or brand. It is important to note that the statistics of online video views are rising. This method can easily be done through an iPhone or Android smartphone. Facebook notifies all your fans if you are currently sharing a live stream. Don’t just show off the event, but make viewers feel a part of it by mentioning shout outs or asking questions to encourage comments. Ask the viewers what they would like to see. Show viewers behind-the-scene footage that they can’t normally get access to. 

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Think differently. Create original content that will bring followers to your page. Make your page stand out from the crowd. There are millions of other businesses on social media and people do not want to follow something that is already on that market. You can use some strategies from other brand’s social media sites that you find successful, but don’t completely copy them.  Be creative with the photos you post. Abstract photos can increase engagement and make your social outlet seem interesting. Don’t do the obvious. Make your page unique! Keep in mind that you want to stick to the theme of your page and not post random things that might confuse your audience.

Reward your followers. Remember that your followers are important since they help your business grow, so make them feel appreciated. This will keep your current followers for the long run and encourage them to speak about your brand to their family and friends. This can have a great impact on your number of followers. There are different ways to reward your followers, so you can figure out which works best for your business. An option is doing a giveaway after achieving milestones, such as reaching a specific amount of followers would be a good chance to feature a giveaway. You can ask the winners to share their gifts on their personal pages by tagging your page to drive traffic from their followers. A tip is to pick a winner with a strong following so they can spread the message of your brand and reach a bigger audience. Another method of reward, is by simply featuring followers on your page through reposts or shout outs. There are many other ways to show recognition to your audience, as long as you show gratitude!

Avoid click-baiting and like-baiting. This is the method of using controversial or provocative headlines to gain attention for clicks and likes. Do not use this idea on any of your social networks. The content does not usually provide the audience with any insightful or new information and does not align with your business objectives. Even if this method gets you likes, shares, or retweets – you are gaining attention for the wrong reasons. This could cost you followers and annoy your audience as much as spam. 

Narrow your target market to increase engagement and reduce costs. Try to increase engagement by narrowing your focus on each post. The wider the target, the less likely you will achieve high engagement rates. High engagement rates will get more people to notice your page since other followers can see people’s activities if they like or comment. 

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Every business should have a Linkedin account.  Whether your business is big or small, Linkedin is no longer an option. This social network provides your business with credibility, a network to connect with professionals, opportunities for sales, and a free marketing platform for your business. A Linkedin profile gives your business the opportunity to be found and to showcase your brand, so take advantage of all the tools it has to offer. A method to enhance your credibility is to add media such as presentations and videos. This social outlet is also a place to attract top talent. You can publish job postings. If you want to attract potential candidates for job opportunities, LinkedIn is where all the professionals will be searching and you can directly contact them.

Source: Rival IQ

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