Spring Cleaning: Your Closet

As the school year is wrapping up, and summer is just around the corner, it is time to clean out your closet! There is no doubt more than a few items lurking in the back of your closet that have’t seen the light of day in a while, so it’s time for out with the old and in with the new. Not sure where to begin? Everyone knows it hard to part with clothes that remind you of a special occasion, or because you spent a lot of money on it, but why take up space with something you never wear! Here at Faviana we know the struggle of parting with the old favorites, so we looking into some fool-proof ways to declutter and reorganize your closet, here is Spring Cleaning: Your Closet!

Honestly Audit

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It’s time to lay out all of your clothes and be completely honest with yourself about what you wear and what you don’t. Employ your most honest friend, or your family, to help you make the tough decisions. Try things on as you go through, what doesn’t fit, get rid of! For a team effort, organize a clothing swap with your pals. Have everyone bring the clothes they no longer wear or want, and swap for a pals things! This is a great way to rejuvenate your wardrobe for free, and be kind of the environment!


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If you have a few items you simply can’t part with in your closet but never wear, time to reinvent! Look into some DIY ways to remix your clothing. Jeans that are too short? Cut them into shorts! A favorite t-shirt with a hole? Cut it into a crop top! You could event cut out the design on your favorite dress and make a patch to put on your denim jacket, that way you don’t have to totally part with something you love.


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For those items in good condition that you can part with, donate them! Drop them off at a Goodwill, or for the nicer items try to make a little extra cash by selling them to a thrift store. What about that prom dress from last year? Donate it! Programs like Faviana’s Upcyle Program are great for clearing out your closet and giving another girl the chance to rock a fabulous gown at prom. If something is ripped or stained, look into finding a place that will recycle the textiles if they deem the item unwearable.

The secret to spring cleaning is to be honest with yourself! Which items are simply taking up space, and which are worth keeping. A new season means it’s time to add the latest trends to your closet, so make some room! Think of closet cleaning like you would a cleanse, it’s healthy to detox your closet too!

Do you have some tips for cleaning out your closet? What about tips for decluttering your bedroom? Let us know what you think and your ideas by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.




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