How To Survive a Summer Event


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Summer is finally here, a time where the days are longer, the nights are breezy, and being prepared is a must. Here’s your guide to not let the weather deter your fun for a night on the town, a day at the beach, or a summer wedding. This is our guide on how to survive a summer event!

Rooftop Bar

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A rooftop bar is the perfect place to be classy and sassy. A cocktail dress is a great option, such as Styles 7851, 7852, and 7853. Since you’ll be dancing the night away, a small clutch is a must, and only the essentials are needed (mints, lipstick, phone, keys, cards, cash). So grab a drink, enjoy the tunes, and make some memories.

The Beach


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We all need a little vitamin sea, and summer is THE time to go to the beach. You can always stick to the basics: tan, run through the waves, build a sandcastle, and hit the little shops, but depending on where you are, you can get more out of the area. Check beach websites for events going on, or season-long activities.

Bring the bag essentials below, plus a few extras: magazine/book (for lounging), a hat, towel, ziploc bag (for electronics), and baby powder (it will get the sand right off of you).

Keep it simple with your wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with easy breezy garments that you can slip over your suit and lighter colors will keep you cooler. Don’t forget to bring a sweater if you’ll be there in the evening.

Eat, sleep, beach, repeat. Don’t forget to check out Faviana’s Guide to Summer Skin Protection before you hit the beach!

Summer Wedding


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So you got invited to a wedding during the hottest time of year. Granted, many people are on vacation during this time, and the weather makes for great photos, but let’s not forget the main problem here: the heat.

Bring the Summer Bag Essentials and your optimism, because no one likes an unhappy guest.

Stick to lighter colors and breathable fabrics. The invitation or the engagement photos should give you an idea of the type of outfit you should wear, and Faviana has some options for you as well here.

Have a good time and be supportive of the bride and groom!

Bag Essentials

A few things in your bag will make sure you’re ready when a heat wave hits.

Blotting sheets: these are essential for warm days, especially since pictures might be taken left and right. If you need to blot stat, toilet seat covers are an option as well.

Water: dehydration is a party foul.

Face mist: a quick, refreshing mist creates an instant cool down.


SPF makeup: many products come with SPF and it’s a smart option for sunny days.

Waterproof mascara: “melting” makeup is a big concern when it’s hot. Plus, if you’re near water, your mascara won’t run down your face.

Deodorant: a small travel-size can be kept in a purse for touch-ups.

Compact w/ powder: check for touch ups and powder your nose.

Don’t let a little sun or heat stop you from going out and having a great time!

Stay cool, stay dry, and be fashionable for every summer event.

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