Surviving Dorm Life

Going away to college for the first time comes with many new challenges. One of the most nerve-wracking changes is living away from home for the first time. Living in a new setting with new friends can be scary at first, but here are some tips that will make dorm life easier for you!

Talk to your roommates before moving in.

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Before you move in, talk to your roommate and get to know one another! You are going to be living with this person for the next seven or so months, so it is very important that you get along! Getting along with your roommate is essential for a good year. My freshman year roommate and I both liked to work out, so going to the gym was a hobby that we were able to do together! It is also a good idea to coordinate who is bringing what to the dorm. My roommate and I shared a fridge, microwave, vacuum, rug, fan and TV!

For help on packing, check out The Ultimate College Packing List.

Keep your door open!

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When you’re hanging out in your room, prop your door open! It is a friendly and inviting way to meet your neighbors and make new friends!  It also makes your hallway livelier. Once you do it, everyone in your hallway will start to! It’s always fun to stop off at your neighbors’ room when you’re walking down the hallway to go to the bathroom, or coming back from class!

Be courteous of your roommates & neighbors.

When I was living in the dorms, the worst was when my neighbors were loud at night when I was trying to study for an exam! Try to have fun, but always remember that you are living with other people who may not be doing the same thing as you are! Also, remember that communication with your roommate is key. It is important to inform your roommate when you are going to have people over late at night or during the day in the dorm. This can avoid many future issues!

Bring your own personal style.

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Going away to college is extremely exciting, but also nerve wracking and kind of scary at the same time! Not only do you have the pressure of meeting new friends and dealing with the heavy workload, but you are also living in a different environment away from home. This can all be uncomfortable at first, but one of the things that made me feel comfortable was the way I decorated my dorm! This is your chance to show your new friends your sense of style and a way to bring the comfort of home to college. Since your dorm is going to be your home for the next seven months, have some fun and bring your creativity to your dorm room! A nicely decorated room is also a great conversation starter with new friends and neighbors!

For DIY tips on how to decorate your room, check out DIY Dorm Décor.

Get close with your RA.

An RA is usually an upper classman who has decided to work for the school and look over the students in the dorm. They are there to organize activities, give you advice, and mediate any issues. They are normally pretty cool and can become a great friend!  Just like you, they are trying to balance their heavy workload, job, and social life, so make sure not to cause them any extra problems or stress!

The transition of going to college may be scary at first, but once you become comfortable and have a set routine, you will never want to go home! College is going to be the best four years of your life, so make the best of it! Good luck!

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