The Best Books For A High School Graduate

Now that you have finally graduated from high school, you are looking towards what the future holds for you next! If you are looking to get inspired, or simply are looking for something fun for the summer, books are a great way to learn and relax. Even with fictional stories, sometimes books hold just the messages we need at a time in our lives where everything is changing. Whether your kick back in the grass and read just to kill time between jobs, or are looking for advice moving into a new step in life, books are a great way to expand your mind. Here are some Faviana favorites, The Best Books For A High School Graduate!

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A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit

This book is perfect for the graduate who is unsure of what’s next, and is nervous about not having the future set in stone. The author speaks to the joy of being a little lost, and how the process will lead you to your true passion if you let it. The book also touches on the importance of knowing when you have done all you can, and that sometimes you can’t do it all.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

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This book follows the story of a girl entering college and navigating the changes that occur between high school and college. This book is a story about growing up and discovering which parts of your past are essential to your future, and which parts are holding you back from your true potential.

Looking For Alaska by John Green

This story is about the importance of friendship, and finding yourself in a new place. The storyline is centered around two teens in high school, but the message will resonate with any age. The book follows the main character as he enters a new environment, and how he goes out making it his home. A perfect message for someone entering college!

Oh! The Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss

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This may seem cheesy, but the messages in this book are extremely powerful for someone entering adulthood, or a new step in their life. The rhyming story is full of simple reminders and reassurances that the process of growing up is never easy for anyone. Get yourself a small copy of this book, and keep it as a reminder that great things are ahead regardless of set backs.

For those of you looking for a graduation gift for a friend or family member, books are a great option! Books are also great housewarming gifts for someone moving into a new place, and is great for helping them build a collection. Throw a cute ribbon around one of the above, and you have a perfect, Faviana proven, gift!

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