The Best Pre-Prom Photo Spots in NYC

One of the best parts of prom is the pictures! Getting those cute candids and perfectly posed shots is essential to memorializing your special day. As you are planning your prom day, and night, make sure you are planning for a perfect location to get some great shots with your best friends! Here at Faviana we have found a few of the best locations in NYC for a gorgeous backdrop for photos. Here is our tips for The Best Pre-Prom Photo Spots in NYC!

Central Park

Belvedere Castle 2-favianajustNOMADS

This may seem like an obvious choice, but it truly is a gorgeous location for photos and sightseeing. Check out the frog pond, a few of the gorgeous bridges or even pose in the Great Lawn for a fresh green background! Central Park has endless choices for places for great photos, and with the beautiful scenery it looks great regardless of weather. Check out the Belvedere Castle for pictures fit for a princess!

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge-favianaUn Autre Jour

If your group is up for a little walk, the Brooklyn Bridge is an incredible view for prom photos. You can get some city skyline behind you, or shoot from afar to get a larger picture of the bridge. You can also take advantage of a little wind for a gorgeous windswept look, but be sure you have hair sprayed if you have an updo!

Washington Square Park

washington square park-favianaFlickr

If you are looking for a architectural backdrop for your photos, Washington Square Park is a great choice. The fountain is perfect for getting your girls together for a group shot, or use the arch for a shot with your date. You could even sit along one of the benches in the garden paths for some nature-inspired photos.

The Highline

the highline-favianaPicssr

Another gorgeous and unique view of the city, The Highline is a perfect mix of urban vibes and nature. Created on a repurposed railroad track, The Highline is filled with plant life and unique art, practically made for posing in front of. Take some goofy shots reclining on the sun chairs along one section, or take some photos overlooking the street below. One tip for The Highline: it can be very busy on nice days so be sure to find a section with lighter traffic as to not distract from the photos.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

brooklyn botanical gardens-favianaWikimedia

The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are filled with gorgeous plants and flowers regardless of season. This is perfect for pictures with a group, or romantic photos with a date. Look for some private spaces along the paths for a photo shoot, and don’t forget to be careful your heels don’t sink into the grass!

Whether you are planning a styled photoshoot or are just looking to get some great candids with friends, having a beautiful backdrop helps to set the scene. You don’t need a professional to get amazing shots, or that perfect selfie!

Do you have a favorite photo location in NYC? Where are you planning to take your prom photos this year? Let us know what you think by tagging our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY!




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