The Ultimate College Packing List

Transitioning from high school to college can be a tough challenge. Adding the stress of packing to that can get overwhelming. How do you know what to bring or not to bring to your new college dorm? We want to make your move as easy as possible, and so you won’t forget anything, we have compiled a checklist for packing.



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You don’t need to bring your entire closet with you, even though we all would like to. Make sure to pack only what you need. Pack clothing that can be layered and paired easily with other pieces in your closet. Keep in mind that if you will be going home for Thanksgiving break so you don’t need to pack all your clothes for the cold months. Also, if you must overpack, overpack undergarments.

– Sweatpants

– Hoodies

– Sweaters

– Basic tees

– Tanks

– Jeans

– Underwear

– Bras

– Socks

– Bathing suit

– Jacket

– Professional pumps

– Pajamas

– Workout clothing

– Business outfit

– Sneakers

– Boots

– Flats

– Flip flops

– Rain boots

– Jacket

– Bins for organization




College dorms don’t provide you with bed sheets, so make sure you ask what size the bed is prior to making a purchase. Make sure to keep an extra comforter set handy – it will be useful when you can’t get laundry done right away. If you plan on having friends stay over, you could also keep an inflatable mattress handy.

– (2) Comforter

– (2) Fitted sheet

– (2) Flat sheet

– Pillows

– Pillow cases

– Extra blankets

– Mattress topper

– Inflatable mattress (optional)




Make sure to pack the necessary items that will help you complete your assignments. Check your list of classes to see if you need any other materials for a specific class.

– Desk lamp

– Trash bin

– Fan

– Scissors

– Post-its

– Highlighters

– Pens/pencils

– Calculator

– Tape

– Stapler

– Stapler remover

– Hole puncher

– Notebooks

– Index cards

– Folders

– Agenda

– Whiteboard

– Backpack and/or tote

– Picture frames

– Posters


Faviana's Ultimate College Packing List - Bathroom


Dorming means sharing a bathroom with other floormates. It is important to keep bathroom essentials that will make this transition as easy as possible. Purchase feminine products in bulk so you will have enough for a month, and do the same with toiletries. Getting a shower caddy will help you take your toiletries back and forth from the bathroom. Remember to purchase shower sandals, and never ever walk into the bathroom barefoot.

– Shower sandals

– Shampoo/conditioner

– Body wash

– Loofa

– Shower caddy

– Deodorant

– Feminine products

– Nail clipper

– Nail filer

– Nail polish

– Nail polish remover

– Tweezers

– Razor

– Shaving gel

– Tissues

– Toothbrush

– Toothpaste

– Mouthwash

– Face wash

– Face moisturizer

– Body lotion

– Q-tips

– Dental floss

– Hair products (gel, mousse, spray, etc.)

– Hair dryer

– Hair straightener

– Hair brush

– Bath towels

– Face towels

– Shower cap

– Robe

– Makeup

– Makeup remover

– Toiletries storage organizer (bin, caddy, box)




It is important to keep a first-aid kit handy. Make sure to also pack any medication you need in case of any emergency. We never plan on getting sick, but it’s better to be prepared, just in case.

– Band-aids

– Rubbing alcohol

– Pain relievers (Advil, Motrin, Tylenol)

– Allergy medicine

– Antibiotic ointment

– Birth control

– Cough/cold medicine

– Eye drops

– Indigestion relievers (Pepto-bismol, Tums)

– Storage container (box, caddy, bins)



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You will be responsible for keeping a clean and tidy dorm room. These products will help you keep your room nice and clean.

– Lysol wipes

– Windex

– Pledge (wood cleaner)

– Paper towels

– Air freshener

– Trash bags

– Cleaning products caddy




Having to do your own laundry is a part of being a grown-up. If you’ve never done it before, the experience could be a little overwhelming. Find out if your dorm laundry facility takes coins or a card that must be reloaded. And remember, don’t mix your colors with your whites or you’ll end up with pink socks!

– Tide To-Go Pen

– Laundry detergent

– Fabric softener

– Laundry bag

– Laundry basket

– Hamper

– Hangers

Ironing board



Planet Forward

No dorm room is complete without the typical “dorm food.” However, don’t eat these foods everyday or you will fall victim to the Freshman Fifteen – trust me, I speak from experience! The dining hall has a variety of different types of foods, so instead of the typical burger and fries, opt for a fresh, green salad.

– Ramen noodles

– Easy-Mac

– Water bottles

– Plastic plates/bowls

– Plastic cups

– Utensils

– Granola bars

– Bread

– Peanut butter and jelly

– Canned soup

– Yogurt

– Cereal

– Snacks (chips, cookies)

– Drinks (juice, soda)

– Bottle opener



DIY For Life

No one can live without electronics in the Digital Age! Make sure to pack all electronics that will help you make your college experience easier. Many students forgo the notebook and opt for taking notes electronically. If you prefer this method, opt for purchasing a portable laptop or tablet.

– Laptop and/or tablet

– Laptop and/or tablet cases

– Cell phone

– Chargers (for all devices)

– Alarm clock

– Headphones

– Power strip

– TV (optional)

College is about making new friends and great memories. These are the years that you will find yourself. Take a journal with you to document every great memory. That way, you could relive these great memories in the future. Remember, to be safe and to have fun. And, make sure to get some studying done!

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