The Ultimate Prom Playlist

We all have those songs that get us totally pumped up, whether it’s for a big event, working out or just for waking up in the morning. Music is sometimes all you need to spark an amazing memory, so make sure you get together a killer playlist! As prom is coming up quick, it is essential to have the best music for getting you excited for prom, and the playlists that you will play at your after prom bash. We took a little time to pick out the perfect songs for: Getting Ready-Prom Edition, Pump Up for Prom, Prom Throw Backs and After Prom Party. Faviana has you covered for the Ultimate Prom Playlist!

Pump Up For Prom

singing into a hairbrush-favianaThe Huffington Post

The music to get you in the right mindset for an amazing prom nigh!. With energizing beats and belt-it-out lyrics check out Faviana’s Spotify playlist: Pump Up For Prom! Make sure you have this playlist ready to go on your phone in the days leading up to prom. This is the ultimate prom playlist for scrolling through Pintrest looking for some killer hair ideas, or for tips for styling your prom look. There is no shame in using a hairbrush as a microphone!

Getting Ready-Prom Addition


This is the playlist you will want to jam out to as you are getting your hair done, or giving yourself a prom perfect pedi. Perfect for getting your girls inspired, and maybe get into a little lip-sync battle, try our Getting Ready-Prom Edition playlist! While you’re getting ready make sure to take some selfies and fun pictures of you and your best friends.

Prom Throwbacks

prom throw backs-favianaBillboard

Throwing it back to some of our favorite songs from the early 2000s or earlier makes for some seriously danceable hits. With a little Shakira, a touch of Pussycat Dolls and a whole lot of girl power, this Prom Throwbacks playlist will have you on your feet in no time. Are you looking for a throw back themed look? What about trying some vintage accessories for your prom look, as some things simply never go out of style.

After Prom Party

Youtube/All In My Head (Flex) ft. Fetty Wap

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate after prom, whether it is a camp out or a movie night, make sure you have a playlist to go with it! If you decide to do something high energy like a glow frisbee game, this After Prom Party playlist will be perfect for getting a little friendly competition going. If you decide to stay in and do some relaxing with your group, jam out while doing some DIY face masks to unwind!

No matter your music taste, you are sure to find something you love in one of these playlists. Now sit back, jam out, and get excited for prom!

What are your favorite songs for getting excited for prom? Which one of these playlists will you be playing for getting ready for prom? Let us know what you think by tagging us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY!




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