Top Slow Songs to Request at Prom

Some of the best moments of prom night will be centered around dancing, and the awesome music that will be played. As we all know, music is an extremely important part of many memories. While we all love the songs that make you want to get up and dance and belt out the lyrics, sometimes the slower songs are special memories too. Whether you are going with a date, your best friend, or a group, slow songs can be a major highlight of prom. Whether or not you’re a big dancer, these songs will make you sway along, or give you a break to take a few selfies as you hum along. Check out Faviana’s ideas for the Top Songs to Request at Prom!

For the Girls

best friends-favianaThe Odyessy

These are the songs that will make you want to get into a huge group huge with your best girls and remember all the best memories of high school. Celebrate all those late night talks, and endless support you have for each other. Gather your best friends and request that the DJ play a few of these, and get all the feels.

Our Favorites For The Girls:

  • Unsteady- X Ambassadors
  • Little Lion Man- Mumford & Sons
  • Secrets- OneRepublic

For the Date

Prom dates-favianaPintrest

Songs for celebrating your boyfriend or girlfriend, or crush, or just someone you are sharing prom with! These songs are a bit romantic, but still leave room for a dancing beat. Some new songs and some old, this songs will make you want to ask your date if you can have this dance. Who doesn’t feel a bit emotional with Ed Sheeran?

Our Favorites For The Date:

  • Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeren
  • Your Song- Ellie Goulding
  • Lucky- Jason Mraz

For the Best Friend

best girl friends-favianaWallpaperSafari

Everyone has that one girl who has stood by them through everything, no matter what high school drama took place. These are the songs for celebrating your friendship, celebrating each other and celebrating yourself! Grab your BFF and sing along to these inspirational beats. Remind your best friend that they deserve the best, and that you will always be there to support each other.

Our Favorites for The Best Friend:

  • Stay With Me- Sam Smith
  • Love Yourself- Justin Bieber
  • I think I’m In Love- Kat Dahlia

Music is in the background of all of our favorite memories, so make sure they play some of your favorites at prom! Slow songs make for a nice break between breaking it down, and allow you to gather your thoughts and spend a few moments to appreciate the special people in your life. Make a list of songs you would like to hear and tuck it into your prom clutch!

Want more music suggestions? Hop on over to Faviana’s Spotify channel, for the ultimate playlists for all things prom!

Which songs are you hoping to hear to prom? Which from this list are your favorite, or remind you of that special someone? Let us know what you think and your ideas by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.




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