Top Summer Nail Colors to Try


Top Summer Nail Colors to Try



Summer is almost here! That means endless trips to the beach, BBQs, and summer vacation. With all the events you will be attending this summer, you must arrive in style! What better way to show off those new wedges than with a great pedi? The summer colors are in, and we have the list to help you decide what color to choose next time you’re at the salon.



Top Summer Nail Colors to Try



1. Sage Green


Top Summer Nail Colors - Sage Green by Essie


This dusty color is a slight change on last year’s mint green. This shade of green is softer than its predecessor, and looks great on all skin tones!  Soft, pastel colors are no longer just reserved for spring; summer and fall are both adapting pastels into their go-to colors.




2. Bright Fuchsia


Top Summer Nail Colors - Bright Fuscia by Essie


There is nothing better than a brightly colored mani-pedi! This color will stand out from afar, and is universally flattering. Choose a bright fuchsia and you’re sure to be complimented!




3. Pale Lavender


Top Summer Nail Colors - Pale Lavender by Essie


If you’re not a fan of the brighter hues, your go-to color is pale lavender. This softer shade of purple is subtle and feminine.




4. Bright Red


Top Summer Nail Colors - Bright Red by Essie


Classic red nails are always en vogue, no matter the season! So, you can never go wrong by opting to go with red on your next visit to the salon. This color will look great with any attire!




5. Imperial Blue


Top Summer Nail Colors - Imperial Blue by Essie


A deep, bright blue is in vogue this season! Your nails will embody the ocean in this hue. In order to channel a nautical theme, ask your manicurist to draw anchors and stripes on your nails. You’re nails will surely be a conversation starter!




6. Creamy Coral


Top Summer Nail Colors - Creamy Coral by Essie


This color is a representation of everything that defines summer! From the color of the sun right before it sets, to the deep coral reefs, to your favorite gelato, coral peach is the staple color of the summer.




7. Glittery White


Top Summer Nail Colors - Glittery White by Essie


If a lot of color isn’t your cup-of-tea, opt for a glittery white nail polish. Glitter is en vogue this season for nails, and the white will make the glitter subtle enough to stay chic.




Your nails will be instagram-worthy in this list of nail polish hues! If you’re feeling daring, you can always mix-and-match all of these colors to create a look that’s perfectly you!

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