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Faviana’s Upcycle Program and upcycle products are for women, by women. We created this program so you can donate your gently used Faviana dress back to us, which in return will be given to a girI who does not have the means to purchase one.  Do your part today and participate in our program, then check out these Upcycle products available for purchase!

Upcycle Products

Faviana Pink Journal

faviana upcycle productsFaviana’s, ‘Great Ideas Are Brewing Inside’ journal will help you brainstorm, visualize, and create your next big idea. Never feel uninspired again, and start filling this gorgeous, pink-colored journal with the ideas of your next big project. The times of blank page staring have officially ended.

Faviana Black Journal

faviana upcycle productsLive our mission, ‘Celebrate Yourself,’ with Faviana’s classic black and silver-embossed journal. Get inspired and take note of all the ways you celebrate yourself as a woman and a leader! Celebrate your life and write down all your memories, ideas, and dreams in this 200-page, lined journal. This black Faviana journal will help you stay motivated and organized.

Faviana Royal Blue Journal

faviana upcycle productsNever let go of your dreams and write down all of your inspirational ideas in Faviana’s royal blue journal, ‘Create.’ Make your next big vision become a reality in this silver-embossed journal. Jott down all your tasks and to-do lists in this 200-page journal and rock your day!

Faviana Lavender Journal

faviana upcycle productsFaviana’s ‘Dream’ journal is perfect for your next idea brainstorm, future goal setting, or dream diary journaling. This feminine, lavender-colored journal will guide you through your next journey and lead you to your dream goals. Visualize, sketch, take notes, and hold on to your inspirations within these 200 pages. If you can dream it, you can do it!

Faviana Grey Journal

Faviana upcycle productsFace your fears with Faviana’s ‘Fearless’ journal. Be bold with this chic, light-gray journal, and never let your fears get in your way. This journal is perfect for brainstorms, to-do lists, and event planning. Reach your goals, one step at a time. These 200-lined pages will help you stay on top.

Faviana Teal Journal

faviana upcycle productsBe a Girl Boss with Faviana’s ‘Make it Happen’ journal. This silver-embossed, teal-colored journal will never let you down. Find inspiration and motivation on every single page of this 200-page, ruled journal. Stand out amongst the crowd with new ideas, a positive attitude, and a goal-getter mindset. Make it happen!

Faviana Makeup Bags

faviana upcycle productsGet ready for prom, homecoming, a bachelorette party or a birthday party with Faviana’s plush makeup bags. These trendy, crushed velvet bags come in black, dark fuchsia, teal, and navy, and features a pom zipper and a soft lining to protect your make-up and beauty products. Always be prepared to face your day when leaving the house by carrying your lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, and make-up brushes in this cute Faviana plush makeup bag.

Faviana Travel Mug

faviana upcycle productsFace the day with a Faviana coffee mug. Carry your coffee or hot tea everywhere you go, and enjoy your freshly brewed beverage with style. Celebrate your life and feel like a total girl boss with this Faviana silver and black mug.

Faviana Tumbler

faviana upcycle productsRefresh and hydrate with Faviana’s transparent tumbler. Carry and enjoy your iced beverage everywhere you go with style. Stay hydrated during the summer time and feel energized day in and day out. Celebrate your life and feel like a total girl boss with this Faviana tumbler.

Faviana Grey T-Shirt

faviana upcycle productsJoin our girl gang by wearing this stylish Faviana t-shirt. Wear this Faviana shirt and become one of our brand ambassadors. Available in light grey with a robust black print, this Faviana t-shirt will remind you to always stay glamorous and celebrate yourself throughout the day.

Faviana White Hat

faviana upcycle productsBad hair day? In a rush? No problem. Hide your hair on those busy, sunny days with the Faviana ‘Bad Hair Day’ hat. This adjustable, white hat is the perfect accessory to complete your boho style.

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