Valentine’s Day – A Guy’s Perspective

It’s February – can you feel the love? It’s Valentine’s season! Whether you are pro or against Valentine’s Day, it’s a good time of year to let your loved ones know you appreciate them – you don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate! Channel your inner Leslie Knope and celebrate Galentine’s Day!

Since this holiday does typically focus around love and relationships, We wanted to know what guys really thought of the holiday, so we sat down with our panel of guys to get the inside scoop on a Valentine’s Day from a guys perspective! We asked them what they thought about the whole Valentine’s Day concept, what they really wanted and what their plans were for the special day. Please note, all names have been changed to protect identity (and potential surprises!). Feel free to use these comments for suggestions of what to do this Valentine’s Day – if you didn’t make any plans yet! Also check out our last minute gift guide! 



Long Distance Relationship Ryan: I think Valentine’s Day is overrated and slightly over hyped. It seems like when it is coming up, everyone is asking you like “what are you doing for her? What are you getting her?” If anything I think it should be a day devoted to the couple and be left personal because everyone has their own way to express how much they care and show affection. Some guys like to go full bling and get jewelry, some might craft something up, and then there are guys that devote the day to his girl and does everything for her and at the end they just sit and watch movies together.  From my standpoint, I usually just want to spend the day with my girl, maybe get her something small, and take her out to dinner. This year it is tough for me because I’m in a long distance relationship so i’m thinking I might send her a care package while she’s also at college, but I’m kind of limited to things I can do. 



Always Sweet Robert: My girlfriend and I are going out to dinner – but I don’t have anything extra special planned. To be completely honest, I don’t think much about Valentine’s Day. I suppose I try to be extra sweet that day, but I try and treat my girlfriend special everyday.


Reader’s Digest

Married David: In my opinion every day can be Valentine’s Day.  Instead of buying the traditional roses I like to buy my wife different and exotic flowers.  My most memorable Valentine’s Day was the first year we were married.



Single Kace: I’m personally not a huge Valentine’s Day person because I’m always single for valentine’s day! But the last time I had a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, I really looked forward to it because I got to plan a fun day for us. As for gifts, I just liked to plan the day or get her something, but I felt like I should focus on her and I didn’t expect anything in return! If I did get something from her, I’d be happy and I wouldn’t care what it was. I think it’s important for it to be something personal that relates to the relationship. I feel like Valentine’s Day is an extra reason to have an enjoyable day. But for this year, I don’t have any plans. 

What do you think of Valentine’s Day? What are your plans for this year? Let us know by commenting below or by tagging us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.





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