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Everyone wants to look and feel great for prom. Natural cleansing is the key to detoxing for this prom cleanse so your body stays healthy. There are various types to choose from such as the juice cleanse, the tea cleanse or the infused water cleanse along with so many other new cleansing options.  Keep reading for Faviana’s tips for how and why you should do a pre-prom cleanse; specifically an infused water Prom Cleanse!

Let’s Get Prom Cleansed!

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Prom Cleanse Leads to a Better Diet

One of our Faviana favorites for pre-prom is the infused water cleanse. Not only will you look and feel great, it tastes fresh too!  When you start sipping on infused water, your body will start to get ready for other healthy changes. Water is an easy and effective way to stay healthy and detox from the inside out. Lemon water is one of the most efficient and safe cleanses out there as it encourages a healthy diet, and speeds up your metabolism. By adding fresh fruit or lemon to your water for a sweet taste, you will be much more likely to choose water over other beverages. To get a stronger infused taste, you can let your fruit or lemon infuse overnight. It is also recommend that you drink a glass of water (infused or not) before a meal to fill your stomach with water before you fill it with food.  You will get fuller faster and be less likely to overeat.  Keep in mind that it takes about 15 minutes for your stomach to alert your brain that you are actually full, so drinking water before you eat means that you are more likely to not over eat.

Hydration is Key

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Not only do cleanses make you feel great, they are also an easy way to get flawless skin. Hydration is an important factor to unblemished skin. Prom photos are right around the corner and who would not want to look radiant in them? An easy way to maintain healthy, glowing skin is to eliminate soda, caffeine, sugar, and dairy from your diet. Of course that sounds nearly impossible, so instead of quitting cold turkey and binging later, we suggest you simply limit your intake. In order to make sure that you are prom ready, start drinking your infused water ASAP!

The Additional Benefits of Cleansing

Aside from an overall improved sense of wellbeing and glowing skin, there are many other added health benefits to infused water. This cleanse will increase your energy, allow your body to deal with stress (and the hormones that go with it), eliminate toxins, improve your digestive system, regulate hormones, detoxify your kidneys and liver, and boost your immune system. If all of these benefits do not make you the least bit curious to try the infused water cleanse, what will?! 

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Here is our favorite infused water recipe:

Lemon & Mint Water for Your Prom Cleanse

Step 1:  Start with a large jar or water bottle that you would like to use.

Note:  Try to refrain from using plastic containers.  You can buy infused water bottles that hold your fruit or lemon separately. Check out Amazon!

Step 2:  Add 4-5 slices of lemon (Equaling 1-2 whole lemons).

Step 3: Add 5-7 leaves of fresh mint.

Step 4: Add your water! You may want to also leave room for ice.

Step 5: Place it in the refrigerator overnight so the ingredients properly infuse.  If you like it stronger, let it infuse longer.

Hint:  Missing your carbonated beverages? For something with a little fizz, add thawed frozen fruit (strawberries or raspberries) in a cup, crushed ice and sparkling water. There you have it, a perfect, quick alternative to fizzy sodas.

Try this at home and send us some of your favorite recipes. We would love to hear your ideas! Additionally, share with us your favorite recipes by tagging us on Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY, Snapchat @Faviana_NY, and Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more fun vlogs @FavianaNYC!

Happy cleansing!




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