What to get a Guy for Christmas

Guys are the absolute hardest to shop for. Gifts for girls are so easy – a candle, a scarf, some new body lotion – but guys can be so picky.  It can be so hard to find the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend. Well, whether it is a dad, brother, grandpa, guy friend or boyfriend, it always seems difficult to find the perfect gift.

While it’s always nice to receive cash or a gift card, heres a list of things to get a guy that they’ll actually like (and are a little more personal). 

A Watch

Fossil Mens Watch Faviana

Source: Fossil

Yes, technology watches are big this year – but you cannot beat a nice classic watch. It’s a timeless gift (Pun fully intended). A watch adds a touch of class and style to a guy’s everyday wardrobe and takes a suit to the next level. It’s a perfect gift for your guy going on a job interview, or if he’s always late needs a little hint. This would be a great Christmas gift for a boyfriend. 

Take it to the next level: get it engraved! Put his initials, a special date or an inside joke on the inside of the watch. Many companies do this for free! 

A New Wallet

Leatherology Bifold Wallet Faviana

Source: Leatherology

A good go to gift. Men always need a new wallet – especially this time of the year, to put all their gift cards and money in. He’ll think of you every time he buys something. Hopefully, he’s buying something for you! This is a gift he will use often – you really can’t go wrong with a new wallet as a gift! 

Take it to the next level: personalize it with his initials, get it monogrammed. 

Sports Tickets

Phillies Game Image - Holly Zehring Faviana

Source: Phillies Game by Holly Zehring

Something you can do together! While sitting through a football or basketball game may not be your first choice of a date night, it’s for sure something he will enjoy. Go all out, get a jersey and some sportswear and get into the game. When you need a break be his number one girl run out to get him (and yourself) some fries! He will appreciate your effort and sacrifice – who knows, it could actually be fun.


Sony Bluetooth Headphones Faviana

Source: Sony

The go to tech gift for the holidays. A great way for him to listen to new music and playlists. Perfect for traveling, walking to class and binge watching Netflix late at night. Benefit for you: You don’t have to listen to his music all the time.


Sephora Cologne Sampler

Source: Sephora 

A lot of guys do not have a good signature cologne that they wear. It’s good to have signature scent. This is an awesome Christmas gift for your boyfriend: Get him a sampler so that he can try some out and pick what he likes best – with your help of course. Or just pick one out for him that you think you’ll like. Once he picks one, you can buy it for him again the next time you need a gift, and you know he is running low!  A signature cologne is a sign of maturity. Who doesn’t love a man who smells good?

We hope this helps you find a great gift for the guy in your life this holiday season and gives you some ideas for Christmas gifts for your boyfriend. These gifts are a bit more personal than a gift card, and gifts they’ll actually like! Check out our gift guides – Stocking Stuffers and Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything Tag us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY or Twitter @FavianaNY and show us your boyfriends happiness with his awesome gift!




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