Windbreakers Inspired By Popular Attractions Come To Walt Disney World

Summer is upon us and that means relaxation and vacation. If you are like me, then Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is probably your go to vacation destination. Disney World is not only notorious for its crowds and humid weather, but for its unique accessories and apparel that can’t be found elsewhere. Here at Faviana we are all about staying up to date with the latest fashion trends and we have some news for you about new Disney inspired windbreakers. 

What You Need To Know About Windbreakers

I’m going to be honest here, I have only ever heard of windbreakers twice in my life with one of them being from this announcement. Similar to a sweater, a windbreaker is a thin fabric coat designed to protect from rain and wind. It rains nearly everyday in Florida and it really is too hot to wear a heavy raincoat or carry around a bulky umbrella. Contrary to popular belief, it does get chilly in Florida during the winter, but not cold enough to wear a full coat. Disney is excellent at knowing what products people will buy and I have a feeling these windbreakers will be flying off the shelves over the next few weeks over at MouseGears in Epcot.

Photo Credit: WDWNT

Purple Wall Windbreaker

If you have been on Instagram, then you have probably seen people taking pictures in front of a purple wall at Disney. I am one of those basic girls who always posts pictures by the purple wall in Tomorrowland and now I definitely will while sporting this windbreaker. The Purple Wall windbreaker is designed after the newly renovated section of the wall that includes geometric shapes in varying shades of purple. Disney has a purple potion collection of ears, spirit jerseys, backpacks and now guests can add this windbreaker to their collection of purple apparel and accessories. This windbreaker costs $49.99 and is perfect for those days when you don’t want to ruin your favorite outfit with a poncho or neon colored rain jacket. 

Fantasyland Windbreaker

Fantasyland is one of Magic Kingdom’s themed lands that is based off of classic Disney movies like Dumbo, Snow White, Cinderella, Peter Pan and many more. This Fantasyland windbreaker screams magic with stars, vibrant colors and fairytale fonts. This windbreaker is perfect for those who aren’t afraid to wear color and show their fun side through fashion! As with the Purple Wall windbreaker, this design costs $49.99. 

Space Mountain Windbreaker

Space Mountain is one of Magic Kingdom’s most popular attractions located in Tomorrowland and is known for its deep drops and sharp turns. This Space Mountain windbreaker has varying shades of blue and white and is decorated with an image of the famous white building which hosts the attraction. This windbreaker is the perfect way to represent your favorite attraction without looking too tacky. 

Jungle Cruise Windbreaker

Photo Credit: DisneyFoodBlog

Jungle Cruise is another popular attraction at Magic Kingdom among the adults because of its jokes and puns. If you are an animal lover, then you will love this windbreaker because it is decorated with animals found in the jungle. I personally don’t think everyone will find this windbreaker appealing because green and yellow are difficult colors to pull off. 

Pixar Luxo Ball Windbreaker

Photo Credit: WDWNT

Red, blue, and yellow aren’t only the colors of toy building blocks, but also the colors found on the famous Pixar luxo ball. If you like Toy Story, Brave, Finding Nemo, Coco, Cars and Up, then you are definitely going to want to have this Pixar windbreaker in your closet. The colors may be bold, but they tell a story which is exactly what the movies do for people all over the world. 

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