Women of Faviana: Karmen Lizzul, Founder and Director of KickAssBrands.Co

Faviana’s mission is to empower and celebrate women, and at our Women of Faviana events we learn from inspiring women. Our most recent speaker was Founder and Creative Director of KickAssBrand.Co, Karmen Lizzul, who is a branding and design expert for creative entrepreneurs. She has a BFA in Graphic Design from the School of Visual Arts and an MFA in Creative Writing Fiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Her specialties include team management, publishing, creative direction, art direction, design, redesign, branding, special projects and digital design. 

karmen lizzul

Karmen has over 20 years of experience creating images and design for fashion, beauty, health and home for both digital and traditional outlets. Her impressive experience includes being Creative Director of Family Circle, where she was in charge of bringing a fresh new look to the magazine and directed over 500 cover images. Karmen also art directed magalogs for Fashion Bug stores, Nordstrom and promotional material for small boutique fashion companies like Goldin Furs and Dessy. Throughout her experience she has received many awards and recognition by the Society for Publication Designers, American Institute of Graphic Arts, Graphis Poster, Society of Illustrators and Folio.

Karmen launched her own business, KickAssBrand.Co, to help small businesses take their brands to the next level so people will take notice, gain interest and brands can ultimately serve more customers. She guides brands and teaches them how to attract the best clients using branding, messaging and marketing. Depending on the stage of a business there are three categories offered, ranging from self-guided training, one on one support and total brand upgrade.

Karmen brought her wealth of knowledge to Faviana to talk about everything branding and design. She distinguished the difference between product, brand and branding and how they all work with one another. The main question of conversation was: What makes a brand strong? Strong brands build emotional connections with storytelling. Storytelling is used in many ways from client testimonials to behind the scenes coverage to more. With the help of Karmen’s expertise, we brainstormed new innovative ways to take Faviana to the next level and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

karmen lizzul

We can’t thank Karmen enough for coming to speak with us and sharing her expertise and knowledge, so make sure to check out her website to learn more about her and KickAssBrand.Co! Follow us on social (Instagram: @Faviana, Facebook: @FavianaNY, Twitter: @FavianaNY, Pinterest: @Favianany and TikTok: @Favianany) to see all the fun Faviana content coming your way!




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    I stumbled across your article here, as I was looking for the latest in Prom 2020 jewelry trends.
    Good ideas!

    Big shout out to Faviana for providing my small business with beautiful gowns. I also want to
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    Excited for Prom 2020!

    Dressed up by Bella Mia LLC

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