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Faviana’s Go-To Christmas Makeup

‘Tis the season for glitter. The trees are ablaze with twinkly lights, the snow is glistening, and our eyes are glazed over by joy (and let’s be real… in admiration of Bloomingdale’s holiday display windows). Sparkle is everywhere and we like it that way so we obviously want to sparkle makeup to match your holiday gown.

So when it comes to slipping on that stunning little shimmering party dress like style S7713, we must play with our sparkle makeup palette rather skillfully. If we add too much, those around us will need protective eyewear from the shine. Use too little and we’ve lost out on the opportunity to shock and awe. So let’s delve into the “perfect zone” with just the right amount.

Make It Shine

If eyes truly are the window to your soul, you better make yours worth a second glance. There are several ways to apply sparkly makeup around the eyes for optimal impact. From least to most dramatic, we’re taking you through a few of our favorite options.

Option 1: Pack the sparkle right in the corner of your eye. The sparkling element should be roughly the size of half a pinky nail. This small pop of sparkle will carry through to the rest of your eye when paired with a similar color matte shadow for the rest of the eye.

Option 2: Line your eyes with something shiny. You can use a proper metallic eyeliner or even just line your eyes with sparkle eye shadow. To get a clean line from the shadow, try using a thin angled brush and wetting the tip before dipping into your shadow. You can even use this as an add-on to your ordinary black liner for a double pop. The option exists to just stop here, but if you want to go for a little more oomph you can add a shadow. Try using a neutral or complementary shadow in either matte or with a slight sheen.

Option 3: Use metallic shadows in an ombre look across the lid. For the most cohesive look try a pre-packaged iridescent shadow trio. Put the lightest color in the corner of your eye. Line your eye with the middle hue and cover the rest of your lid with the darkest color. Don’t forget to blend!

Option 4: Finally, just sparkle. Cover the whole lid with a sparkle shadow. We suggest caution when applying this. Don’t go well beyond the natural hood of your eyelid, as it will become overwhelming. This is best in a neutral color to avoid a costume effect.

Seal it with a Kiss

Lips are a bit simpler. It’s hard to overdo it with sparkle on the lips, but here are a few tips from more subdued to super-sparkle.

Option 1: Apply lipstick (whether matte or slight sheen) and use sparkly gloss just at the center of your upper and bottom lip. This will have the shiny effect in a measured dose while keeping you (slightly) liberated from the hair caught on lip gloss conundrum.

Option 2: Gloss all the way through. Nothing wrong with a little gloss!

Option 3: This last one is risky, so we suggest it only be used with a very neutral look such as style 7591 paired with simple makeup and accessories. This would be the strikingly bold metallic or sparkle-infused lipstick. These playful looks are completely fun, but can also go campy rather quickly. Keep everything else flawlessly sophisticated and you’ll do just fine.

However you choose to go about it, rock your sparkles proudly. With any bold fashion or beauty choice, confidence is key to selling the look. Smile big, walk tall and go for the grand entrance!

Show us how you rocked your sparkle make up by tagging us on our blogs Instagram @glamandgowns, or Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY!


The Faviana Team



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