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Hacks For The Smoothest Shave


Shaving is a must during the summer months. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from cuts, irritation, and razor bumps in the process. Luckily, we’re here to provide you with hacks for the smoothest shave, encouraging you to show off some skin all season long!

Always Exfoliate First

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Just like how you would prep your face, the smoothest shave starts with proper exfoliation. Take your favorite exfoliation scrub, or make your own with sugar, and apply it to the areas of your skin where you shave. Rub off any dead skin and loose hairs first for a smooth shave. You can also use this scrub as a shaving cream, allowing you to shave before you wash it off. As soon as you’re done, you’ll end up with super smooth skin, compared to skin that is bumpy or irritated.

Use Your Conditioner

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We use conditioner to soften our hair, so why not use conditioner for a softer shave? Conditioner works wonders to prep your skin for shaving, better than any soap or shaving cream. For one, a bar of soap can easily clog your razor up and limit the uses of the blades. By switching to conditioner, you are being eco-friendly, cost-effective, and lengthening the life of your razors. Not to mention, you’re leaving your skin super soft and smooth!

Shave Short & Sweet

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The smoothest shave is all about how you shave. You want to go for shorter strokes, not pressing down too hard. By keeping it short and sweet, you are creating a cleaner shave, which actually speeds up the shaving process in the long run. No more getting out of the shower to find rough patches you missed!

Remove Your Razors

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Most of us shave in the shower, which is completely fine. The heat from the hot water actually softens up your hair follicles, which makes them easier to shave. However, after you’re done, you shouldn’t keep your razor in there. Water dulls your razors and prevents you from getting more shaves out of it, while leaving you with more cuts. You should remove your razors from the shower and properly dry them after each use!

Use Lip Balm

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If you notice some cuts after you’re done shaving, there’s a hack to fix that. You can immediately stop the bleeding by applying lip balm or Vaseline to the areas. The thickness and nutrients miraculously cure your nicks instantly. Thus, you’re left with smooth skin!

Smoothest Shave Moisturize

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The last hack is to moisturize A TON immediately afterwards. Do not grab your favorite scented deodorant or perfume right away, for this will irritate your skin. Simply apply unscented lotion to soften those rough cuts up and give your freshly-shaven skin the moisture it deserves.

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