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How to be a Good Friend


Okay, so today’s blog seems obvious, right? How to be a good friend. It seems self-explanatory. Have friends and… be good to them. Easy enough, right? It can be! But sometimes it can be difficult to show just how much we care or be there for our friends in the ways they need to. That’s why today Faviana developed a little guide to being a good friend so you can improve your friendship skills and make sure that you are being treated by your favorite people just how you deserve to!

Recognize that Every Friendship is Different

First, it’s important to notice that since every person is a unique individual, every relationship you have with your friends will be different as well, and therefore, your dynamics will change.

For example, some friends are total pranksters to each other (even though they know that deep down, they care very much― feelings are there, okay? No need to talk about them all the time), while others friends do prefer to show their appreciation very often (listen, friend, I love you! You should know that I do! Let me tell you!). That’s totally okay. Whatever works for you guys, it’s fine. You should never compare your friendships because they are all different and special in their own way.

Find Ways to Show That You Care

Now that we have established that every friendship is unique, it’s time to find ways to show your friends that you care about them that make sense in terms of your friendship dynamic.

For instance, if you have friends who are not big on talking about feelings you could try to say ‘hey, listen to this song/watch this TV show/read this book― they reminded me of you’ instead of flat-out saying ‘I miss you’. They know you do, and the thought that you were thinking of them while you were doing something else probably will make them feel awesome.

Or just, you know, let them have some of your food. You could even actually watch their favorite shows so you can fangirl/fanboy all over them together and they always have someone to talk about them. If they have a bad day, show up at their place with their favorite dessert. Remember when they tell you that something is happening in their lives, so you can show proper support or excitement. Make plans to hang out and keep them (flaking it’s not cool, people). It’s the little things!

Just listen to them

The best friendships come from a place of genuine understanding. You can have thousands of friends that you really like and wish well, but truly close friendships develop not only because of shared interests but because of shared caring, and you can only truly care about someone if you try to understand them.

Sometimes the best things we can do for our friends is to actually listen to them, be real with them (as in, call them out when they are messing up― nicely), be there for them unconditionally (loyalty is important!) and do your best to just try to make their lives a little bit better, not less. Show up, literally and metaphorically, when they need you as they would for you.

Other than that, do you have other advice when it comes to being a good friend? What are some of the best things a friend has done for you? Let us know what you think by tagging us on Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY.