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Minimize and Prevent Getting Cellulite


Cellulite, a word we often shy away from. Do you or your friends struggle with this dimpling on your skin? Don’t worry ladies, nothing to be embarrassed about. Cellulite is difficult to avoid but not only is it self treatable, it’s really easy to prevent as well! Ms. Faviana, Eve Dawes is here to give you 5 tips on how to minimize & prevent getting cellulite!

A Healthy Diet Will Help Prevent Getting Cellulite

Source: Food Network

One of the best ways to prevent getting cellulite is to make sure you’re eating healthy. Eating healthy requires a diet that is not high in sugars, deep fried foods, or saturated fats. A diet with a lot of green in it is the best kind of diet. Meal prepping is also an easy way to help keep your diet on track. Giving your body a nice clean diet will really help to prevent harmful toxins from being stored in your body!

Drink Lots Of Water To Prevent Getting Cellulite


The next way to prevent getting cellulite is to drink lots and lots of water. You should be drinking at least 1 to 2 liters of water per day. Drinking water really helps to flush out those harmful toxins that may be lurking in your body. Be extra healthy by adding a lemon to your water and for a burst of flavor!

Prevent Getting Cellulite By Body Brushing

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Another simple way to prevent getting cellulite is using a loofah or body brush. These bath products can easily be found at your closest drug store. All you have to do is use these brushes in a circular motion on your skin during the shower. No need to brush rough, just easy circular motions. By doing this it really helps to get your blood flowing and wash away those toxins.

Prevent Getting Cellulite By Avoiding Toxins

Source: Healthy Life & Beauty

An important key on how to prevent getting cellulite is cutting toxins out of your diet. Not only does cutting out these harmful toxins help prevent cellulite, it would also prevent your body from horrible life threatening diseases. Keep your body healthy and clean in all ways possible!

Exercise Is The Best Way To Prevent Getting Cellulite

Lastly, another easy way to prevent cellulite is exercising. Sweating is key! Get your body moving and sweat out all those bad toxins. Sweat is your body’s largest organ and the best way to keep your body healthy and running is sweating it all out.

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