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New Years Resolutions? Read This.


New Years resolutions suck. I’m not kidding. New Years resolutions suck if you don’t go forward with anything that you wrote down on that sticky note or in your journal. Setting goals for yourself comes with sacrifice which is why I am giving you some helpful tips to get the ball rolling on making 2020 your best year yet!

Set Your Tone For The Day 

The term “early bird gets the worm” has been used so much that we are oblivious that our tone for the day starts the night before. What I mean by this is that getting enough rest and putting down the electronics (reasonably) early the night before is already programming your mind for the following day.  You get to choose the option to create your dream day everyday as your new years resolution…. and I mean every day. Wake up in the morning and do a quick workout and have a protein drink to kick-start the day. If working out in the morning isn’t for you, maybe a good book and a cup of tea is more your speed. Consistency is key, so make it happen for YOU! 

Health Is Wealth

I know we are all guilty of taking that Taco Bell trip at midnight and sneaking in a few Starbucks drinks here and there, but how do you keep up with your health to reach your fullest potential as a new years resolution? Treat your body right (aka plenty of rest and tons of water)! Did you know that water is the most important way for the brain to receive nutrients and remove toxins? I know there are some water haters out there, but treating your body right also treats the mind right. Set a goal to drink more water… I know I have! 

Your Surroundings Reflect You 

There’s a quote that some, if not most of you, have heard already by Jim Rohn:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Think about yourself and the influences around you. This goes for your friends, workplace, home life, etc. If there is a specific goal in mind that you want to accomplish this new year, take note of your surroundings and make changes accordingly. We are all guilty of not recognizing our full potential at some point in life, so recognize yours now and go chase your dreams! Re-learn yourself again. What makes you tick? What makes you excited about life? Bring everything you’ve dreamed of into light by showing up and taking a chance! 


Feed Your Mind, Feed Your Soul

I never really knew how powerful the mind was until my mindset changed my life…. literally. For the longest time, I didn’t appreciate the Law of Attraction until I learned how real it was (if you’d like to see more on this topic drop a comment below!). Feeding your mind with positive thoughts and encouraging words for you to grow into your best self does more for your mind than you think. Reading a good book has always helped me stay centered in my goals and what I want to achieve. Here are some good book recommendations that I strongly suggest reading if you want to change your life this year: 

Love What You Do by Dana Spinola

Dana is the founder of the Fab’rik boutiques, which are located in the south. She started out in Atlanta which is where I’m from, so I was automatically interested in reading the book. She talks about loving what you do, not in the sense of work, but in all aspects of life. It is definitely worth the read!

New Years resolutions

Source: Dana Spinola 

How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie 

This book dates back so far that even my grandparents have read and enjoyed this book. Carnegie forces you to look at people and life in a different perspective. I have personally spoken to a few extremely successful individuals that have said this book changed their life. 


Continuously Take Action 

Everything that is mentioned above is completely irrelevant and pointless unless you take continuous action. This means you have to put in the effort every day even if you’re dreading it. A disciplined routine doesn’t happen overnight. Creating habits can take weeks and a new lifestyle is something that you constantly have to work towards. Don’t be afraid of failure because you either win or you learn. I always tell myself… you never know until you try. Pressure makes diamonds, so create pressure in what ever position you want to be in this year. 

You got this girl boss!