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Summer 2018 Dress Trends


The summer 2018 dress trends we’re seeing this season is thanks to New York Fashion Week and all of our favorite designers. From the colors to the patterns, you’re not going to want to miss this year’s trends. Follow along and spruce up your wardrobe with these summer 2018 dresses!

Summer 2018 Dress Trends: Florals

Faviana Style 10000

We’re flowing with florals at prom, as the trend is being carried into the summer. It wouldn’t be the season without a sea of florals and pretty dresses anyways. Find the perfect summer dress in an array of colors and styles. Decorate in flowers across your whole dress, or just on the bodice like Faviana Style 10000. Either way, you’ll look and feel free-spirited and one with nature.

Summer 2018 Dress Trends: Sheer

Faviana Style 10019

Major designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Dior are tempting us to wear a close to bare dress. It’s time to loosen up this season and show a little skin by finding a gown that is sheer. Transparent dressing is everywhere, and we can expect more of it on the runway, on the red carpet, and in your closet. Choose a dress with an array of tulle, plastic, and silk translucent designs to rock this trend. Faviana Style 10019 is the perfect example of what we’re going for, featuring a sheer back and front.

Summer 2018 Dress Trends: Pastels

Faviana Style S10060

Just like spring, you’re going to be seeing a lot of pastel shades in the summer. Designers nickname these lighter shades “gelato hues,” and they really are as pretty as your favorite ice cream! From lavender and pistachio to pale yellow and blues, there’s a color to fit everyone’s tastes. Lilac is definitely the number one must-have color for summer, followed by a soft pink. You can see the pretty color yourself, demonstrated on Faviana Style S10060.

Summer 2018 Dress Trends: Brights

Faviana Style 10045

On the opposite side of the spectrum, bright and bold colors are also a popular trend for summer 2018. Primary colors are the prime colors seen on the runway, and which should be in your closets. Try finding a tomato red dress like Faviana Style 10045 and stand out instantly. This color palette celebrates fashion’s power to generate confidence, with absolutely no rules. Choose any color from the rainbow or Crayola pack, and wear it proudly this season.

Summer 2018 Dress Trends: Two-Piece

Faviana Style 10008

This season, we’re bringing the pencil skirt out of the office. Wear a strapless, two-piece number such as Faviana Style S10008 and truly be in the spotlight. A pencil skirt is form fitting to your body, effortlessly showing off your curves. The best part is, it’s the perfect opportunity to mix and match different skirts and tops together. You’ll see that a single pencil skirt will go a long way in your summer attire!

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