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Summer Beauty Hacks!


Summer is just around the corner, so you want to make sure you’re ready in all aspects. Since makeup, hair, and skincare are a part of our daily routine, it’s time to make them more summer-friendly. Try out some of these summer beauty hacks!

Bronze Summer Beauty Hacks

Photo Credit: Brit + Co

Using bronzers as eyeshadows is great, but what about adding some bronzer to your lotion? Mixing golden-tone cosmetics to your lotion is one of the best summer beauty hacks, leaving the rest of your skin glowing in copper. You can store your lotion in the fridge for a cooling refresher as well!

Cool Your Nails and Nail Polish

Photo Credit: NAILheartINK

The hot weather and humidity affects your nail polish, too. Store your favorite shades in your refrigerator before use since cold nail polish goes on more smoothly and prevents bubbles. If you’re in a rush, place your hands in cold water to set the nail polish more quickly and make your manicure last!

Trade in Mascara for Vaseline


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Instead of coating your lashes with your favorite mascara, try coating them with Vaseline from your local drug store. This will help you achieve a thick, voluminous effect without the fear of the infamous “raccoon eye” while working out, hanging by the pool, or at the beach.

Switch to a BB or CC Cream


Photo Credit: kikaysimaria.blogspot

As temperatures rise, heavy foundations will start to “melt off” as your body sweats. Therefore, you should try a BB cream to hide blemishes or a CC cream for color correctness. These tinted moisturizers will stay absorbed in your skin and still provide the coverage you need. Not to mention, they will protect your skin more with the SPF!

Use Coconut and Avocado Oil


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There are many anti-frizz serums out there, but the best one that will work is found right in your kitchen. Mix two tablespoons of coconut and avocado oil into a bottle and then apply to frizzy and dry spots in your hair. You’ll save tons of money as well as always smell like the beach!

Deodorize Your Neck

Photo Credit: Jean Coutu

Besides frizz, styling your hair in the heat can also be frustrating. To avoid sweating while working with appliances, apply a powder deodorant or baby powder 10 minutes before doing your hair. This will keep you feeling cool while preventing freshly-styled strands from sticking to your skin.

Freeze Aloe Vera in a Tray

Photo Credit: Self

Sunburn is inevitable with some of us, so it’s important to treat it right. Aloe Vera may soothe your skin temporarily, but freezing it is life changing. Simply squeeze Aloe Vera into a full ice cube tray, freeze all summer long, and pop out a cube for immediate relief on your skin.

Clean Razors with Olive Oil

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Razors rust quickly and can easily nick you or cause an infection if not cleaned properly. To keep your razors alive longer, store it outside the shower and coat the blades with olive oil. This will prevent rusting and guarantee a smoother shave in the next use.

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