Celebrity Dresses

Faviana S7926


Faviana S8002

Danielle Bernstein

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Amanda Ensing

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Mary Leest

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Marina Laswick

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Sharon Carpenter

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Chloe Marshall

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Andreea Cristina

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Tara Whitman

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Leyla Milani

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Joanne Larby

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Tara Whitman

Faviana 7946

Joanne Larby

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Pamela Jean Noble

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Xixi Yang

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Noelle Foley

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Ellery Lee

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Xixi Yang

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Julija Miller

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Paola Mathe

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Melanie Moore

Faviana S8002

Paola Mathe

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Mahlagha Jaberi

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Janice Joostema

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Candice Nikeia

Faviana S8002

Noelle Foley

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Sierra Dallas

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Laura Beverlin

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Katlyn Maupin

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Lexi Ioannou

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Elma Beganovich

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Carrington Durham

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Monica Nyhus

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Gina Ybarra

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Xenia Tchoumi

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Lindsie Chrisley

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Mariann Yip

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Lauren Garcia

Faviana 7769

Southern Outlaw

Faviana 7651

Twinkle In Trendz

Faviana 7538

Twinkle In Trendz

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Southern Outlaw

Faviana 7331

Klaudia Badura

Faviana S7600

Southern Outlaw

Faviana 7651

Aloha Babe

Faviana 7650

Blue Eyed Finch

Faviana S7325

Hapa Time

Faviana 7853

Elizabeth Pishal

Faviana 7859

Mariann Yip

Faviana 7570

Hapa Time

Faviana 7708

Nazanin Fara

Faviana S7511

Mona Cristo

Faviana S7500

The Whitney Story and The Samantha Show

Faviana 7747

Tijana Ibrahimovic

Faviana S7560

The Demure Muse

Faviana S7566

A Dash of Sophie

Faviana S7671

To Be Bright

Faviana 7434

Naty Michele



As the leading special occasion designer evening dress brand in New York, Faviana is not only inspired by celebrity dresses on the red carpet, we also dress Hollywood's leading stars for award shows, galas and premier events. Faviana looks to Hollywood events like the Oscar’s and the Grammy’s to stay ahead of the trends and offer the everyday girl a dress that is high quality and on-trend, while also being accessible and affordable.  These celebrity inspired dresses are breathtaking and will definitely leave heads turning.

The hottest Hollywood stars come to Faviana’s NYC Showroom when they want to create a memorable red carpet moment. Faviana has dressed celebrities ranging from Ashley Benson and Kim Kardashian to Sports Illustrated model, Joanna Krupa, and Dancing with the Stars, Cheryl Burke.   

The everyday girl wants to be able to have their own red carpet moment like their favorite celebrity. Celebrities are constantly revamping their wardrobe just like we are constantly creating new collections you will love! Working alongside celebrities and influencers is important because it not only allows us to be innovative and have a sneak peek into their world, but it also allows us to create styles that are on trend yet still classic. 

Achieve the look of your favorite celebrity by wearing a designer Faviana dress to your very own special event. Our celebrity inspired dresses never fail to present a bold statement with our trending colors, detailed embellishments, and stunning fabrics. We offer a variety of dresses in comfortable jersey, luxurious chiffon, polished satin - flattering for any body type. You have always dreamed of becoming the superstar of your prom, homecoming, wedding or special event and now you can actually live out that dream!  Strut into prom with Faviana’s celebrity inspired dresses that feature top trends such as cutouts, open backs, long slits, and plunging necklines. Not only will Faviana’s dresses make you look like a celebrity, but they will make you feel like one as well!

Red Carpet Looks

We all know the best part about award shows is  watching the celebrities walking the red carpets! The trends and styles seen at major red carpet events are looked at closely as they tell us what is to come!  While Faviana is inspired by the red carpet we also love rocking it with our own sense of style.  Now, picture yourself on the pages of a fashion magazine rocking the same styles of your favorite celebrities!

As we design, we keep our customer in mind as well as stay on trend with what is popular in the fashion industry.  Faviana has incorporated your favorite red carpet looks inspired by celebrity dresses into our latest collection. From sequins to mesh and plunging necklines to cutouts, we have created the perfect combination of styles for every girl.  We have focused on bringing creativity to our dresses and assembling styles that are different from the rest while reflecting the glamor inspired by red carpet looks.

Check out our ‘Faviana on Trend’ section on our blog Glam & Gowns for more ideas on how to achieve your very own red carpet style.  With a combination of a beautiful dress, a fabulous blowout, and a stellar pair of pumps, you will feel like the star you were born to be! 

Blogger and Influencer Dresses

Social media plays a huge role in our daily lives and at Faviana we are constantly inspired by and looking for inspiration through social media. All of the girls that tag Faviana wearing one of our dresses on Instagram are inspirational in their own way. Seeing how every day girls style their Faviana dresses helps us to preview the latest trends in action even before they hit the red carpet.  So keep posting and tagging those looks!  

Faviana also works closely with bloggers and social media influencers because they understand how trend focused and driven our brand is. We love working with bloggers and influencers because they have an important voice in fashion and we have teamed up with some of fashion’s leading ladies. We even invite the top bloggers to a brunch during Atlanta market week to discuss new trends, our latest collection, and their thoughts.  Faviana loves working with bloggers and influencers because they are constantly giving feedback about our collections and working side by side with us to give you the best dresses possible and even better advice on how to style them!