Bridal Shower Dresses

  1. Long jersey v-neck dress with beaded bodice and lace-up back

  2. Long jersey strapless dress with lace applique detail down back skirt and tri...

  3. Two piece long jersey and organza off-shoulder dress with organza ruffle bodice

  4. Long jacquard print strapless dress with beaded belt and high-low skirt

  5. Two piece long jersey dress with beaded bodice and waist

  6. Short chiffon v-neck dress with embroidered bodice, full skirt and lace-up back

  7. Short chiffon v-neck dress with applique bodice and lace-up back

  8. Short jersey off-the-shoulder dress with applique detail and lace-up back

  9. Short mesh off-the-shoulder dress with applique bodice and full skirt

  10. Short jersey off-the-shoulder dress

  11. Short chiffon off-the-shoulder dress with lace-up back

  12. Long chiffon v-neck dress with pleated bodice

  13. Long mesh v-neck dress with lace bodice detail, beaded belt and cap sleeves

  14. Short two-piece jersey dress with applique detail and full skirt

  15. Long jewel neck mesh dress with applique bodice and back lace-up for adjusta...

  16. Long deep-v chiffon dress with applique bodice and back lace-up for adjustab...

Bridal Shower Dresses

This wedding season, you’ve got to find the perfect dress — not just for the weddings, but also for the bridal showers. And, if you’re the bride, it’s especially important to look amazing at your own wedding shower, as all eyes will be on you! Faviana has a huge selection of cute, colorful and classy bridal party dresses to choose from, for both guests and the bride herself.

Bridal showers are a time to bring family and friends together to celebrate an upcoming marriage. You can expect tasty snacks and pastries, colorful punch, and a festive atmosphere. If you’re a guest to a wedding shower, you’re expected to bring two things: a gift for the bride, and a classy and appropriate dress. Impress the other guests by looking effortless!

What’s the best kind of dress for a guest to wear to a wedding shower? This depends on a few things. If the shower is in summertime, feel free to rock a slightly more casual look, such as brightly colored maxi dress. If the shower is in winter, however, it may be more appropriate to wear more subdued shades, like maroon or an emerald green.

No matter the season, a good rule of thumb is to never wear white to a bridal shower, unless you are the bride. This color is special and is saved for her on this special day! It also may be a good idea to avoid red dresses, as red is known as a color intended to draw attention — and the attention should be focused on the bride. Another color to think twice about is black, as it’s often associated with mourning and sadness, not love and celebration. It’s also best to dress modestly, as there might be relatives of the bride present!

If you’ve met these requirements, you can now let your personality shine and pick a dress you feel truly comfortable and confident in. Want to rock a fun, floral pattern? Or a long dress with an open back? Or maybe you’re looking for a short dress that you can pair with cute wedges. The options are endless! 

Now, if you’re the bride yourself, congratulations — this day is all about you! Get ready to have a memorable day with friends and family as they celebrate you and your upcoming marriage. You’ll want to make sure you’re dressed to impress in one of Faviana’s beautiful bridal showers dresses for brides. It’s traditional for the bride-to-be to wear white on this special day, but you can also wear off-white, cream, pale shades or pastels if you want to do something a little different. Whether you want to show off your shape in something figure-flattering, be elegant in a long dress or go for sweet and charming dress with lace, Faviana has options for brides of all personalities, shapes, sizes and budgets.

Whether you’re the guest or the bride herself, make sure you look classy, refined and gorgeous at your next wedding shower in one of Faviana’s beautiful bridal shower dresses.