Two Piece

  1. Short lace two-piece cocktail dress with lace-up back and full chiffon skirt

  2. Short lace two-piece off-shoulder cocktail dress with lace-up back and full c...

  3. Short two-piece cocktail dress with lace-up back and embriodered full skirt

  4. Two-piece jersey with fishnet inserts and beading

  5. Short jersey two-piece cocktail dress with beaded trim and lace-up back

  6. Jersey two-piece evening dress with beaded bust and lace-up back

  7. Jersey two-piece with lace top

  8. Neoprene off-shoulder illusion v-neck with full skirt and rhinestone trim

  9. Short mikado two-piece cocktail dress with pleated skirt and pockets

  10. Two-piece evening dress with sequin trim detail

  11. Lace two-piece evening dress with lace-up back

  12. Fishnet two-piece halter dress with neoprene skirt and lace applique

Two Piece

In 1985, it was poofy shoulders and mesh layers. In 2017, it’s the two-piece dress. Also known as the crop-top dress, it’s the latest and hottest prom dress trend this season. These fun, flirty and fashionable dresses have been a hit on the runway, and they come in — you guessed it — two separate pieces. Whether or not you’ve been working on your abs, these dresses more figure-flattering than you may realize. If you want to truly stand out in a group of traditional dresses, the two-piece dress will draw all eyes on you and make you the life of the party.

Two-piece prom and homecoming dresses give off the impression that you’re chic, yet hip and edgy. Shop Faviana’s two-piece prom dresses to find the perfect two-piece formal dress this prom. Just like other dresses, two-piece dresses range vastly in modesty, style, length and fabric, sometimes even more so than a traditional dress.

One of the great things about two-piece prom dresses is the versatility they bring. Having two separate pieces allows more freedom for designers to make the most unique dresses: you can have a floral skirt with a solid top, a bright skirt with a more subtle top, a rhinestone top with a patterned skirt, and so on. You can even wear a dress where both pieces have completely different fabrics. The options are endless! And the tops can even be worn later paired with jeans, a different skirt, or shorts, so you can keep on rocking it, at both the after party and at other events on later dates. Not to mention, the aspect of two separate pieces will make you more comfortable and able to move and dance more easily.

Two-piece homecoming and prom dresses come in an endless variety of styles. The skirts, or bottoms, can range from mermaid, short, long and flowy, straight, a-line, ball gown, and many more, while the tops can be a halter top, long sleeve, v-neck, strapless, off the shoulder, and so on. Patterns on these dresses can range from polka dots and florals to even tribal and geometric, with fun prints throughout. As for fabrics, a satin two-piece gives off a more traditional vibe, while lace appears more sultry; tulle gives a Cinderella feel, and sequins are more glam. And don’t forget the different textures and embellishments: rhinestones, sequins, lace, and more. Again, the sky's the limit with this unique style of dress.

These dresses allow for a hint of sass and intrigue without overdoing it. Some girls may fear that they don’t have the body type for a two-piece prom dress, but with so many high-waisted options, you can find the style to perfectly flatter your specific body type, whether it’s slim, athletic, short, tall or curvy. And for those whose schools have stricter dress codes, there are two-piece dresses that show only a very small portion of mid-section, letting you rock the trend while still meeting the dress code requirements. Additionally, features such as high necklines create a more modest and classic appearance that tends to offset the revealing of the midriff. With so many options, there’s no doubt that any girl, no matter what shape or size, can pull this trend off and feel confident and stylish while doing so.

In addition to being trendy, these dresses can be found for very affordable prices; Faviana offers two-piece dresses for all budgets, so that you can debut the style no matter your price range.

The two-piece prom dress is a trend not to be missed — you may not have another chance to flaunt this unique and flattering style again. Take advantage and shop Faviana’s huge selection of stylish, unique and versatile two-piece prom dresses today!

Two-Piece Prom Dress Trend

Prom is the last hoorah with all of your friends; maybe you will see each other again for another year of high school or maybe it is your senior year and most will be heading off to college. Whichever the case may be, you will want to make a lasting impression and a Faviana two-piece prom dress can help you do just that! Faviana has curated a selection of two-piece prom dress styles that elevate your look in the most graceful way. Dresses featuring long skirts are the typical route to go for a formal event, but there is no one saying you can’t rock a short cocktail dress and truly be yourself. Make your two-piece prom dress whatever you want it to be!

Whether you are walking the red carpet or dancing through the entrance, Faviana has the dress selection for every girl’s personality. Drift into the event wearing a beautiful jersey two-piece prom dress with minimal accessories, to not take away from the Grecian-inspired style some dresses give off, or shimmy straight to the dance floor in a fun and flirty cocktail style two-piece prom dress. Have fun with this look and accessorize with a bold statement necklace that screams chic, or a trendy choker necklace to display your edgier side. Either way, Faviana’s two piece prom dresses will help you stand out with confidence and ease at this year’s prom!