2018 SS NYFW Trends

Fashion week is upon us and we are excited more than ever this year. The best week that comes only twice a year and is full of runway shows, street wear styles, and your favorite celebrities. If you are a young aspiring fashionista, fashion week is your go-to for everything new and trendy in fashion. We have selected some of our favorite 2018 SS NYFW trends that we saw strut down the aisle this week.

2018 SS NYFW Trends – Purple

2018 SS NYFW Trends - PurpleSource: Glamour.com

The color purple was a huge hit this New York Fashion Week. Pantone even declared Ultra Violet, a purple hue, the color of the year! If you are looking for the next best color to add to your Spring wardrobe or to wear to prom, shades of purple will do just that. Faviana has a variety of purple prom dresses for you this season ranging from aubergine, to lavender, and even violet. Go basic purple with our Faviana Style S10025 or add some embroidered purple flowers with Faviana style 8000. Show up to prom wearing only the hottest color of 2018!

2018 SS NYFW Trends - Purple

Faviana Styles S10025, 8018, 8000

2018 SS NYFW Trends – Florals

2018 SS NYFW Trends - FloralsSource: Glamour.com

The next best fashion trend to make its way through New York Fashion Week was a vibrant array of florals. The color yellow was another popular color of the 2018 NYFW, along with many other pastels. These colors are bright and fun colors for Spring. Many of these dress trends offered open leg slits or off the shoulder sleeves. A fun floral mixed with a side of flirty. Faviana has hand selected our best florals of 2018 that are a must this year at prom! Faviana Style S10023 consists of a stunning floral top and an attached sheer lined skirt which was another on fire trend this year. Double whammy with this popular 2018 trend.

2018 SS NYFW Trends - Florals


Faviana Styles 9431, 10000, S10023

2018 SS NYFW Trends – V Neck

2018 SS NYFW Trends - V NeckSource: Glamour.com

A very flattering neckline and one of Faviana’s favorite is the V-neck line that made an appearance down the runway this fashion week. A v-neck line is the perfect neckline if you want to show off your sexy side while still being conservative. A v-neck line is a great way to accentuate that beautiful necklace you just bought. Looking for a prom dress with the perfect neckline – you have to check out Faviana Style S10029 that not only offers a beautiful neckline but also a beaded bodice and side slits for an extra pop of sexy!

2018 SS NYFW Trends - V Neck

Faviana Styles S10029, S10022, S10001

2018 SS NYFW Trends – Knots

2018 SS NYFW Trends - KnotsSource: Glamour.com

How many of you love to rock a knotted t-shirt, a very popular trending fashion item of today. Well NYFW introduced a new knotted trend for SS 2018 – knots on dresses! And you’re in luck ladies because Faviana has many knotted, tied, and lots of bows to offer on a variety of our styles. Faviana Style S10075 is the perfect off the shoulder with knotted sleeves and some side leg action and a matching choker! Find the perfect lace up heels to vibe with your new knotted dress.

2018 SS NYFW Trends - Knots

Faviana Styles S10075, 10047, S10078

2018 SS NYFW Trends – Two Piece Sets

2018 SS NYFW Trends - Two Piece SetsSource: Stylecaster.com

Two piece sets are trending this season and were seen all over the runway: from two piece pant suits to a matching two piece top and skirt. A two-piece style is so versatile because you can wear the pieces as a set but also mix and match the pieces with other fashionable items in your closet.  Faviana Style S10070 is a great two-piece set that you can mix and match other options with after your special event is over. Want a change from an original long prom dress, try out these two piece dresses!

2018 SS NYFW Trends - Two Piece

Faviana Styles S10032, S10070, 10008

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