our mission is to help women feel
good & to celebrate themselves

Women Of Faviana
Celebrating & Empowering Women In Our Company.
The Women of Faviana is an empowerment council within Faviana International, focusing on the wellbeing, personal & professional development, and leadership of female employees. The organization meets one time per month to discuss assigned reading, sit in on presentations from thought leaders, and host discussions around core topics relevant to empowering their lives & professional experience while at Faviana.
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Brand Ambassador Program
Celebrating & Empowering Women In Our Communities.
A Brand Ambassador is a strong leader within her community, excited about fashion and, of course, passionate about Faviana! She will inspire her peers to be the best version of themselves and represent Faviana in a positive manner. She will also create memorable moments that will last a lifetime with Faviana clients and retailers.
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The Faviana Foundation
Celebrating & Empowering Women In Our Country.
Faviana believes it is important to give back by helping women feel good about themselves and celebrate their lives; thus The Faviana Foundation was born. The foundation is designed to address womens’ issues within the constructs of education, healthcare, careers, lifestyle, and socio-economic inequalities. Faviana is aiming to encourage, help, inspire and bring out the best in women across the country.
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Bring Out The Best

“ ...in people with intent & joy.”
“ ...in product with consistency & excitement.”
“ ...in company with generosity & commitment.”
“ ...in yourself with awareness & action.”

Show Genuine Concern

“ ...Make all people feel worthy.”“ ...Recognize that relationships matter.”“ ...Approach everyone with humanity.”“ ...Treat people with authenticity & respect.”

Eliminate Drama

“Be an objective observer.”
“Be an open listener.”
“Be an efficient communicator.”
“Be an effective problem solver.”

Embrace Evolution

“Diligently learn & improve.”
“Adapt to change with enthusiasm & discipline.”
“Welcome growth & challenge.”
“Take forward & upward action.”

Inspire Elegance

“Elevate the work & environment.”
“Be graceful with your words & actions.”
“Handle challenges with professionalism & tact.”
“Carry yourself with dignity & purpose.”