A Must Have In 2018: Pantone’s Color Ultra Violet

Have you heard what’s the hottest color to rock this year in 2018?! Pantone has declared the color Ultra Violet, a blue based purple, as the winning color for this New Year. Raise your hand if this is your year to make some positive changes in your life. We hope this color can help!

The Color Ultra Violet at Faviana

faviana color ultra violet dress 8018Photo Credit: Faviana Dress 8018

It is most likely some of you already have a special occasion planned for 2018. Some of you will be going to prom, or a college formal, maybe your best friend is getting married, or you were invited to a military ball. Whatever the occasion is, Faviana has a dress made just for you! Our exquisite dresses come in various styles, shapes, and sizes. We want YOU to always feel beautiful wherever you go. Here at Faviana, we have hand selected our favorite purple prom dresses for you to awe over. 2018 is the year to be bold and unique! Now go and conquer 2018 with the color Ultra Violet.

2018 vs. 2017

pantone color ultra violet

Photo Credit: Pantone

Greenery, a yellow-green, was the big color winner of 2017. This color symbolized exhaling the old, starting fresh, and longing for reassurance. This year’s color is the color of the future and is looking for you to break out of your comfort zone. Do you ever ponder at night, staring up at the sky with all those stars and thinking about how there’s a faraway galaxy somewhere? Well ladies, just remember there is an endless amount of possibilities out there. The sky is your limit and that is what the color Ultra Violet is here to remind you of.

Celebrities in The Color Ultra Violet

From past fashion to current fashion, the color Ultra Violet has made a statement throughout a variety of celebrities. Celebrities like Prince, Jimi Hendrix, and David Bowie rocked Ultra Violet jackets and suits while performing on stage. Even today, the lovely Queen Elizabeth II, as well as celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, and Rihanna stand out in the crowd with their Ultra Violet fashion pieces. It doesn’t matter what age, gender, or race you are, anyone can rock this color. These celebrities weren’t afraid to walk down the street in a vivid, bright color, so you shouldn’t either! Break out of your comfort zone and take risks. You only live once right?

Everyday Styling in the Color Ultra Violet


fashion pieces in the color ultra violet

Photo Credit: Gracie Carroll

There are many ways you can style this color in your wardrobe this year. From business casual to a night out on the town, this color is really versatile to all hours of the day. What’s great about this color is you can go from wearing the color from head to toe, or pairing it with other vibrant or duller colors. It’s the perfect shade of purple that will accent every skin tone out there! How would you style the color Ultra Violet in your wardrobe?


color ultra violet chairPhoto Credit: The Cottage Journal

Another great place to broadcast this vibrant purple color is in your decor, either at home or even in the office. This color suggests a positive energy that is supposed to help you relax, clear your head, and gather all your thoughts. Escape into a space that you can connect with yourself and that’s also inviting to others. From an accent pillow to an entire wall painted, again the options are endless. Using the color Ultra Violet really brings out your individual style and shows you are a bold risk taker! Be the leaders of 2018.

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