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Ah shopping, a woman’s favorite type of cardio! Shopping is always fun, whether it’s for a prom dress, shoes or beauty products. But have you ever stopped to think of the effects these products have on our skin, or bodies.  Did you know 60% of what we put on our faces gets absorbed? What about the environment? What effect do we have on future generations? Some of the findings were quite alarming! Read on to see Faviana’s tips for how you can become more ethical when it comes to shopping for your fav products!

For the Animal Lover

Unfortunately the sad reality is that many companies test their beauty or bath and body products on animals. Advocates for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an American non-profit animal rights organization with over 3M members and over 5M supporters. Its slogan is: “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any other way.” It’s a great organization as it truly tries to speak up for animals, and it’s a great source for info when it comes to animal welfare. The Leaping Bunny is a program that has become known worldwide and its symbol is used on products and packaging to show that a particular company is cruelty free. If a product or package has the bunny symbol it has been Leaping Bunny certified, and therefore no part of the testing or manufacturing process has tested on animals. Look for it on your fav products the next time you’re shopping!

For the Vegan

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More people these days are choosing to go Vegan. Being vegan has many advantages like preventing the exploitation of animals, bettering your health, increased energy, younger looking skin, as well as helping to lower your overall carbon footprint. So what are vegan cosmetics you ask? According to Vicky Ly of Ethical Elephants, “Vegan cosmetics are cosmetics that do not contain any animal products, animal by-products or animal derivatives of any kind. When you hear the term a ‘Vegan Brand’ it means the entire company is Vegan vs. a ‘Vegan Product’ which only means that particular product is Vegan”. Vicky, among others, is a vegan who is trying to spread awareness and help consumers make more informed decisions when it comes to their buying habits. Like the Leaping Bunny symbol, vegan products also have a logo that is placed on packaging and products. The Vegan Society’s trademark and the Certified Vegans are used to certify products that are vegan. Take notice of these logos on some of your fav brands!

For the Green-Girl


We have one world; we need to start treating it right! Not only for ourselves but also for future generations. Do you ever wonder how our daily beauty routine affects our environment? From non-recyclable containers to materials that are not biodegradable, some of our favorite products can damage the environment. For example some cleansers have micro beads that don’t dissolve or break up even in water, and can end up polluting the ocean. This is harmful to animals and plants living in the ocean, and can be harmful to humans who consume them. Cosmetic containers aren’t always made up of recyclable materials either, so they also accumulate in landfills. If we change even one of these habits, we can help the environment long term! For example, MAC Cosmetics has a recyclables program, where you bring in six of their product containers after use, and you get a free eye shadow or lipstick. It’s their way of showing consumers that they care. More companies should start thinking of ways to help preserve our world, but it’s up to us, as consumers to influence them. The Good Trade is a well-known site that empowers people through information and advocacy about cruelty free, vegan savvy and eco-friendly products and brands.  They believe in creating a positive social change by teaching consumers to be ethically minded. You can also look for eco-friendly logos on the back of product packaging. These symbols will tell you if the materials used are made from recycled products. Another great way of knowing that you are helping the environment!

At the end of the day, it may seem daunting and you may think, “I’m only 1 person, can I really make a difference?” The answer is yes you can! Consumers are powerful and influential when it comes to brands; we are all capable of driving change everyday with our lifestyle choices, even if it is just small changes in our shopping habits.

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