Must-Have Pageant Accessories

Your have your pageant hair, makeup, and attire all set. The last step to complete your pageant look is to add some pageant accessories! Just like you went big with the rest, your accessories are going to be nothing but bold as well. To stand out and match all of your wardrobe, here are your must-have pageant accessories!

Pageant Accessories: The Right Heel

pageant accessories heels
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Chances are you’re going to have a lot of outfit changes, so you need to ensure your shoe pairs with each one. To make things easier for you, opt for one shoe style that matches them all. Nude or silver heels tend to look flawless with any color or style. Finding a shoe with some sparkle and rhinestones will make your feet glisten as you walk down the stage and just stand out more! Make sure you find a heel that is tall enough to enhance your height and make your legs look longer. Most importantly though, make sure they are comfortable enough to walk in!

Pageant Accessories: Long, Shining Earrings

pageant accessories
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Whether your hair is up, to the side, or completely down, your earrings should show. To ensure this, purchase long and shining earrings! The bulkier the better in order to showcase them through your hair and so they can be seen from a distance. Since a ton of lights will be on you, the shinier earrings, the better! Find ones that are crystal so they reflect off the lights and reflect off of what you are wearing. This will ensure that your earrings match all of your outfits, adding a pageant touch to each one!

Pageant Accessories: Tiara

pageant accessories
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To really feel like a pageant queen, you’re going to need your own tiara. The generic tiara is usually silver, made with gems all around it. When searching for the perfect one, make sure you try it on with your desired hairstyle. You want this hair accessory to not only fit your head, but to fit in with your hairstyle. Most tiaras have pieces at the end that allows you to slide it right into your hair, preventing any movement. Still, you should be careful with the placement and type you buy!

Pageant Accessories: Title Sash

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Before getting on that stage, you need to represent where you came from! Pageants supply you with a sash that states the title you’re running for and the town/state you’re from. This is worn over all of your pageant wear, being the perfect piece to finish your look! Don’t worry about it not matching or falling off, since it is worn securing across your body. You’ll still be able to flaunt your attire, while being proud of who you are! Whether you take the crown or not, this accessory is one to keep for a lifetime.

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