Preppy Accessories For The Preppy Girl

When we hear preppy, most of us think of Kate Middleton and Blair Waldorf. We see them rock the preppy look, so why can’t you? Whether you’re at homecoming or prom, you can always embrace the preppy girl inside of you. Try these preppy accessories for the preppy girl!

Preppy Accessories: Your Outerwear

preppy accessories
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Plaid fabric screams preppy and school uniform, but this isn’t the only pattern you can wear. When choosing outerwear for your gown, stick with a blazer or cardigan. This will instantly give your dress a preppy vibe, while keeping you chic and cozy outside. Opt for colors such as white, black, navy, maroon, or navy to really get in the school mindset.

Preppy Accessories: Legwear

preppy accessories
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Just like you wear a preppy jacket on the top to stay warm, there’s preppy accessories to keep your legs warm. Depending on your dress style, try matching a pair of tights with your attire. This will make your shoes more comfortable, along with making your look and legs more proper. We suggest going with a nude or black!

Preppy Accessories: The Backpack

preppy accessories
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A preppy girl doesn’t go anywhere without her bag. We carry around backpacks around school, so why not opt for a similar bag? You can find small, leather backpacks and handbags that you can carry for any formal outing. It will instantly make your dress style more preppy, not to mention you can hold a lot more than in a tiny clutch! Find one in black or white to match an array of gowns.

Preppy Accessories: Flats

preppy accessories
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Ditch any form of heels or sandals if you’re going for a preppy look. The most classy and acceptable shoe to wear is a solid, closed-toe flat (preferably in black, plaid, or nude). If you prefer a more comfortable shoe, you can go with a solid colored sneaker with laces. Wear these with your formal dress for a huge statement!

Preppy Accessories: The Bow Tie

preppy accessories
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If you find any accessories with bows, then you’re golden. A simple bow on your shoes, a design on your bag, or ribbon in your hair will instantly give you a preppy vibe. To up your preppy-dress-game though, wear a formal bow tie instead of a necklace. This can be an actual tie around your neck, a cute handkerchief, or skinny scarf tied in any way you desire. This surely completes your preppy look, and will get a collection going for you!

Preppy Accessories: Classic Headband

preppy accessories
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Whether you decide to go with your hair down, half-up half-down, or completely up for your event, you can go wrong with this hair accessory. The addition of a thick headband will make any dress more schoolgirl and preppy. Especially if you go with a colored one, you’ll really look like you belong on Gossip Girl!

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