Prom Hairstyle: French Braid Updo

Are you looking for an easy, yet stunning updo for prom this year? Our french braid updo is to die for this prom season. A simple hairstyle that will take ten minutes to prepare and complete is right here for you. Not only is this updo easy and fast, it is also prom affordable! Don’t stress this prom about money or figuring out what to do with your hair. We are here to help make your prom night stress free and magical!

French Braid Updo Essentials

French Braid Updo

In order to begin this easy french braid updo you will just need to gather a few materials. Have a full bottle of hairspray and texturizer on hand. Choose a brand best suitable for your hair that will help keep your updo in tact all throughout the night. Also make sure to have a teasing comb on hand, hair ties, and bobby pins.

French Braid Updo Steps

French Braid Updo tease1. To start your french braid updo, first section off the top part of your hair and tease it with a comb. A thin, fine tooth comb is best to tease your hair with; a bigger brush will not do the trick. Try to avoid continually combing your hair back and forth, as you don’t want to damage your hair. Simply just brush downwards from above your roots, pull out the comb, and repeat.

French Braid Updo from crown2. The next step to your french braid updo is beginning the braid. Start at the crown, which is the top of your head, and begin to french braid your hair. A french braid can easily be done with short or long hair, so this updo is possible for all of you ladies! Once the braid is completed, secure the braid with a tight hair tie. Preferably try to match the hair tie with your hair color and ensure that it won’t break!

French Braid Updo loosen3. After the french braid is complete, you will want to tug at the braid to loosen it. By doing this, you will create volume to your hair. You don’t need to pull too much, as you don’t want the braid to fall out or look too messy.

French Braid Updo finale4. The last step in finishing off your french braid updo is to tuck the end of the braid underneath your hair and secure with bobby pins. And voila! There you have it ladies. Now you’re ready for prom with this easy and gorg french braid updo!

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