Top 5 Fall Beauty Trends

With summer officially ending soon, it’s time to welcome our favorite season of all — fall! Everyone has their own makeup tricks and tips, but this season is all about change and experimenting with different looks. Whether you decide to release your punk side or bright self, make sure to join in and check out these fall beauty trends!

Fall Beauty Trends: Black Outliner

Black Eyeliner for Faviana Fall Beauty Trends

Beauty always goes back to black. However, this time it doesn’t have to be completely perfect. It’s time to take your black eyeliner off your lash line this season. Try coloring outside the lines by dragging it across your crease, lining the top of your lids, or smudging it with your fingers. This makes any beauty look more punk-rock, flattering to every eye color. There’s no more formulaic smokey eyes or classic flicks, so you don’t have to strategically plan this look at all. Just grab loads of black eye makeup and embrace your unique and rebellious self!

Fall Beauty Trends: Lash Out

Bottom Lashes for Faviana Fall Beauty Trends

Long eyelashes are a big part of a lot of looks, and this is perfect for those who love to overload on their mascara. Most of us only focus on our top lashes, however all the attention is on the bottom ones this fall. Flare them out and go bottom heavy by adding extra coats of mascara to those little babies. For those more artsy and want a more dramatic effect, add lash strips, falsies, or even draw on a fake lower fringe for a twisted effect. Anything goes here!

Fall Beauty Trends: Berry Lips

Berry Lips for Faviana Fall Beauty Trends

Let your lips do all the talking with this look. Swap your lipsticks out for dark berry colors. Shades such as purple, burgundy, and plum make you stand out instantly, eliminating the use of heavy makeup elsewhere. You’ll match the lips of all your favorite celebs this season, bringing the dark color into autumn with a bang. Try applying it patchy or smudged, adding to the imperfection trend and truly making an impression.

Fall Beauty Trends: Splash Color

Color Eyeshadow for Faviana Fall Beauty Trends
Saubhaya Makeup

We see leaves changing colors all around us, so why can’t we switch up our color as well? From pastels to neon, every color on the spectrum is trending in fall 2017. Dip your brush in a lilac, coral, yellow, or baby blue eyeshadow, and apply them messily across your eyes. The effect is nothing but sweet and playful, fitting perfectly into the season. This statement is strong enough to stand out on its own, drawing all the attention to your bright eyes. Therefore, you don’t need much else to make the color pop.

Fall Beauty Trends: Go Pink

Pink for Faviana Fall Beauty Trends

If you’re not feeling too daring this season, don’t fret. You could always hop on this last trend, which is simply wearing pink makeup. From dusty rose to fuchsia, the shades are endless on matching your skin tone and tastes. Wear it on your eyes, cheeks, lips, and nails, showing your support for pink. On days you do feel bold, try complementing it with a bright blue and really shine!

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