Your Guide to Minimal Makeup

Everyone has their own personal preference on how they like to wear their makeup. Some women like to wear a full face of makeup while others like to wear a little less. Depending on where you are going or what you are doing, your makeup can either make or break your overall look. Occasionally an understated makeup look may be the best choice. Like it’s been said before, sometimes less is more. These days, the key to a gorgeous face of makeup is making it look like you’re not wearing any at all. Let Faviana be your guide to a minimal makeup look for any event!

Top Tip For Minimal Makeup: Primer

minimal makeup
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For those of us who typically use foundation in our makeup routine, using a primer is step 1 to achieving a flawless face! Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, it is always important to prime your face before applying any type of makeup. A primer preps the skin for coverage. Some primers minimize the appearance of pores, prevent your skin from becoming oily, or simply just elongate the longevity of your makeup. Finding a way to make your makeup last longer is always a benefit.

Minimal Makeup Creating a Full Natural Face

minimal makeup
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The whole goal to using a foundation is to make your face (the canvas) appear flawless, natural, and luminous. After you have properly primed your face, apply your foundation on your face and down your neck. To achieve an appropriate amount of coverage, determine which application technique works best for you! Try a beauty blender or stippling brush to blend the makeup onto your skin. Make sure that your foundation is the right color and compliments your skins undertones. A natural look is possible in no-time if your foundation is on point!

Sweep a dusting of a highlight to your cheekbones, a flick of mascara to your lashes, and some lip gloss or balm to complete this look! This natural look is perfect for any daytime occasion or a quick fix for an everyday look.

Minimal Makeup Look For The Eyes

Minimal Makeup
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Whether you choose to wear foundation or not, this next minimal makeup tip is sure to be easy on the eyes! Instead of defining your eyes with eyeliner, why not define them using a different technique? Try letting your natural brows do their thing! No need to pencil them in this time. Next, apply a neutral tinted eye shadow to your eyelids to accentuate your natural eye color. Add some mascara to your look and be on your way!

This makeup look is perfect from daytime to night. Keep your look eyes as natural as possible by using neutral tones that accentuate all of your beautiful features!

Wear Minimal Makeup & Go Bold

minimal makeup for the bold girl
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Perhaps wearing neutral tones is not your thing! Maybe you’d like to spice up your makeup look by adding a pop of color to your face instead. It is still possible to be both bold and minimal with your makeup. Try using a colorful eyeliner or mascara on your eyes instead of the normal black or brown. This will add a contrast to your face that will be both beautiful and eye catching!

Coordinate the eye makeup that you wear with your OOTD! Try not to match with the color clothing that you’re wearing too much for the whole idea is to be as minimal as possible.

We hope that you have found these makeup tips helpful and enjoyed this article!
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