Prom Dresses with Choker

  1. Long jersey high neck dress with illusion collar and applique bodice

  2. Long crepe off-shoulder dress with bow tie arm bands and choker necklace

  3. Short jersey halter dress with lace applique bodice

Prom Dresses with Choker

Prom is one of the those exceptional celebrations in your life where you can have fun dressing extravagantly and be showered in compliments. It is a celebration where you can show off your personal style through a beautiful gown. You can go all out and experiment with your favorite colors, fabrics, and silhouettes that you typically don't wear on a day to day basis. You could also pull inspiration from your daily more casual clothes. When it comes to picking a unique dress, look out for prom dresses with choker detailing. A prom dress with choker can be seen as an elevated, elegant, and bold version of the typical tee shirt and choker combination that you may wear. Faviana’s prom dresses with choker tend to be more refined in design and let small details such as the choker or additional applique stand out. Our styles can also have interesting necklines or exquisite back designs to link the choker with the entire look. The addition of a choker or collar is a unique way to tie together and complete your look.

The choker serves as an alternative to a necklace as a form of an accessory. A prom dress with choker may be the perfect fit for you if you want a consistent and complete look from head to toe. Prom dresses with choker can be styled with curled hair that is let down and pinned slightly back. This will allow for the choker to be on display at all times throughout the night. There is little need for a necklace because the choker detail serves that purpose. For additional styling go for bracelets, beaded hair pins, and neutral makeup.

If you’re feeling any stress choosing the perfect style for you, know that Faviana is here to guide you through the process.