3 Ways For Introverts To Make Friends In NYC

Socializing is hard no matter where you live, but it is even more difficult if you live in a big city like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. We all want friends that we can get fashion tips from or spill secrets to, but it’s not that easy. Remember how simple it was in elementary school to ask a friend if you wanted to have a playdate and then 5 minutes later you were best friends? Well, it gets more difficult as you get older because you not only have more responsibilities and less time, but live in an age where people prefer to socialize on the Internet rather than in person. I have had a difficult time making friends over the years, especially in my teenage years, because I never found people who shared similar interests. That is when I decided to take matters in my own hands and find people who I can spend time with and those who will make my days better. Here are a few of the places I turned to when I wanted to make friends and hopefully they help you too!

MeetUp – Find New Friends And Build Local Communities

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Meetup is a website that was developed to help people find others with similar interests and foster new friendships. One of the main goals of Meetup is for people to host and attend in-person gatherings as a way to socialize and meet new people. At first I was skeptical about joining Meetup because I was nervous about intruding on an already established group of people. On the website you can follow different interests and see different events in your area that you can attend. The website also has a chat feature where you can message different members which is nice because you know you have at least one thing in common with the people on here. When I used Meetup, I wanted to find friends in NYC that were as passionate about Disney as me and I came across the NYC Disney Fanatics. After looking through images of some of the past events, I decided to give it a try. I went to a Disney trivia brunch at a restaurant and midtown. It was really fun and I met people who loved Disney just as much as me. I made new friends who shared similar interests and met people that I actually enjoyed spending time with which I thought was never going to happen. I would recommend going to your first Meetup alone so you are actually forced to venture outside of your comfort zone and talk to new people!

Bumble BFF

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You might be looking at me like I have three heads, but trust me. Bumble is not only for dating. Bumble has a setting called ‘Bumble BFF’ where you can find people to hang out with that live in your area. It is similar to the dating version because you swipe left and right, but the biographies list hobbies and personal interests rather than relationship preferences. I have met a few good friends on ‘Bumble BFF and we connected over our love for Broadway and trying different dessert places in NYC. I think ‘Bumble Friend’ is a great place to turn to because you can have individual talks first before you meet in person to feel out if you think it is going to be a success or not. 


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While this might seem crazy, hear me out. I am not talking about going to Madison Square Garden to see a really famous singer like Halsey, but more of smaller venue that hosts rising and local artists. Some of those venues in NYC include Webster Hall, Gramercy Theater, Irving Plaza and the Bowery Ballroom. While you still have to make the first move to talk in person, you know that you both like the band or musician you are seeing and you are going to be next to the person for the next couple hours, so why not make a new friend. One of my best friends to this day I met at a concert for my favorite band when I asked her if she could hold my spot while I used the bathroom. Sometimes friendships develop in the most unexpected ways, but a friend is a friend. 

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