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Interesting Volunteer Ideas To Do With Friends

Volunteer work doesn’t have to be boring or a lot of work. There are a ton of community service opportunities that are engaging, perfect for you and your friends to do this season. The holiday season is all about giving back and spreading cheer, so consider lifting other people’s spirits this year. Start looking at the service clubs at your school, community or religious organizations, or right here at Faviana. Depending what you’re interesting in doing, we brainstormed for you some fun volunteer work you can do with friends!

Volunteer Work with Animals & Environment

Photo Credit: My Dream for Animals

If you’re a huge animal and outdoor-lover, then these opportunities are for you. There’s nothing better than doing work that doesn’t feel like work at all!

  • Visit a local animal shelter to play, walk, groom, and spend time with their animals.
  • Ask veterinarian offices about volunteer opportunities working with animals.
  • Complete tasks such as water testing, trail maintenance, and animal management for environmental organizations.
  • Participate in a cleanup day at a local beach, trail, waterway, or park.
  • Attend other cleanup events that involve planting.

Volunteer Work with Children

Children are one of the biggest categories to volunteer for. From youngsters to special need children, they all would appreciate your time and help more than anything in the world. Make sure to check in with shelters, foster organizations, libraries, and religious organizations to see when they need additional volunteers.

  • Host holiday parties or gift giveaways for children in need.
  • Volunteer to tutor students if you excel at a subject.
  • Become a mentor to a younger student through various organizations.
  • Oversee after-school clubs or children’s book groups at your library.
  • Volunteer to coach or referee with a youth team.
  • Work with special-needs kids through an organization.
  • Become a peer counselor at a crisis line for teenagers.

Volunteer Work with Elderly

Many of the elders in facilities don’t receive much attention, visitors, or entertainment. To make their day and yours, head to a senior center and try these easy tasks!

  • Drop by regularly to chat with residents who don’t have family or frequent visitors.
  • Teach computer skills at a senior center and help with technology.
  • Lead activities in reading, crafting, or games.
  • If you’re a musician, volunteer to give music lessons or perform at senior organizations.
  • Grow flowers and deliver them to nursing homes.

Volunteer Work with Families

Lastly, there are many volunteer activities you and your friends can do for families. To find these, contact a local women’s shelter, department of social services, foster parents group, or religious organizations to volunteer your services.

  • Offer to baby-sit for a family in need.
  • Serve food at a local shelter.
  • Offer to rake leaves, shovel the walkway, or do housework for a family.
  • Donate foods, clothes, toys, and goods to shelters, fire departments, foster parent organizations, and hospitals.

Both future employers and colleges will appreciate that you are committed to something you care about, building your resume. In addition, you will boost your own self-esteem along with all of the people you helped this season. So start getting out there and make a difference with these volunteer opportunities!

Share with us the fun volunteer work you do with your friends by tagging us on Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY, Snapchat @Faviana_NY, and Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, don’t forget to view our new homecoming dress collection.


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