5 Disney Loungefly Mini Backpacks You Need

Loungefly sounds like a company that would create loungewear, but they actually specialize in bags and accessories. Loungefly creates bags inspired by different brands including Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, Pokemon, DC Comics, Dr. Seuss and more! I have purchased 4 different Loungefly mini backpacks when I worked at Walt Disney World and I can say that they are the best bags to have for a trip to the city, a day in the parks or just when you’re out and about. In order to give you an idea about how big the mini backpacks are let me list how much I can fit: 3 bottles of water, Powerade, an umbrella, wallet, phone, portable charger, and a battery powered fan. These bags are great because they have a lot of space while also looking stylish. Here are 5 of my favorite Loungefly mini backpacks and maybe they will be yours too!

1.Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Mini Backpack

mini backpacks
Photo Credit: Shop Disney

Haunted Mansion is one of Disney’s most popular rides so it’s only fitting that they have a mini backpack. Disney is all fun and magical, but if you are looking for a little bit of spooky and scary then the Haunted Mansion is what you need. This Haunted Mansion mini backpack comes in two different colors both purple and red. While the bag is pretty expensive at $75, they are very durable and spacious making them worth the cost. 

2. Genie Mini Backpack 

mini backpacks
Photo Credit: Shop Disney

The live action “Aladdin” recently came out and Will Smith captured the hearts of viewers worldwide with his portrayal of the Genie. If you can’t seem to get enough of the Genie, then you are going to need this mini backpack. This bag looks very realistic with the inclusion of his earring and hair. You’ve really never had a bag like this one. See what I did there?! You can purchase this bag for $80 on the ShopDisney website or inside one of the Disney parks.

3.Chip N’ Dale Mini Backpack 

mini backpacks
Photo Credit: BoxLunch

Chip and Dale are my favorite characters to meet whenever I visit Walt Disney World. They are just so adorable and full of energy. This Chip N’ Dale mini backpack is a BoxLunch exclusive and has images of Chip, Dale, acorns, and letters. If you need help trying to distinguish who is who, the trick is that Dale has a red nose and Chip has a black nose like a chocolate chip. There is currently a sale on this bag right now and you can get it for $51 on BoxLunch’s website! Isn’t that nuts?!

4. Pinocchio Mini Backpack

mini backpacks
Photo Credit: BoxLunch

Sometimes I wish I could find glitter that sparkled as bright as the Blue Fairy’s dress. That’s besides the point. This Pinocchio mini backpack is a BoxLunch exclusive and is a great reminder that wishes really do come true. If you ever see Pinocchio in the parade at Disney, show him this bag and watch his reaction! This bag currently costs $59 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes up within the next few years when the live-action movie is released!

5. Dug Mini Backpack

Photo Credit: Shop Disney

Squirrel! “UP” is one of my absolutely favorite Pixar movies and this mini backpack of Dug is adorable. There are so many aspects of the bag that make it look very realistic including the furry ears, tongue, and collar. This bag costs $80 and is one of the only Loungefly mini backpacks I have seen that has texture which is neat!

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