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Trending Fall Nail Colors


One of the most stressful decisions you have to make is choosing which nail color you want to rock for the next couple of weeks. We’re here to make the decision easy for you. The next time you’re in the nail salon or shopping for a new nail color, try one of these trending fall nail colors!

Aubergine Purple Fall Nails Color

Purple is hot this season, so it gives you an excuse to try a purple polish similar to our purple prom dresses if you have never worn the color before. An aubergine shade is especially popular for its intensity, depth, and sophistication. The eggplant color is so rich and suits all skin tones, so don’t worry about it not looking good on you. If you prefer a lighter shade, search for a smokey lilac color, still in the purple family and looks great with other pastels.

Charcoal Grey Fall Nails Color

This creamy mix of green, blue, and grey complement all skin tones and cool outfit choices. The grey hue is also perfect for stacking on your silver rings for the fall, making it fun for fall nail colors. Consider this your new neutral, or spice it up a bit with sparkles and a metallic finish. You’ll still be matching all your apparel and accessories, shining your silver everywhere your hands move.

Warm Brown & Burgundy Fall Nails Color

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Much like the tons of lattes and hot chocolate you will be drinking this season, your nails can now match with a warm brown. This color is very easy on the eyes and a great dark shade for transitioning into the fall. The brown also goes hand-in-hand with the fall atmosphere and activities outdoors.

Burgundy falls under this category as well, always being a popular nail color choice. You can try a black burgundy, or swap for lighter shades such as a brick or a smoky red. The deeper pigment is ideal for autumn, keeping it in transition for winter, too. You can also wear burgundy as a dress color, like Faviana burgundy prom dresses.

Burnt Orange Fall Nail Colors

Photo Credit: Top Reviewed Nail Gel

Orange probably isn’t your go-to color, but it’s a new one to try this fall. Especially since Halloween is approaching, it matches the holiday, pumpkins, and the leaves around falling around us. A burnt orange is a more earthy shade, being bohemian yet completely unexpected. Then again, you can also opt for a brighter orange too. Hot orange polish with red undertones typically screams summer, however this same hue actually helps your skin look a little less dull, brightening it up as the weather gets cooler.

Shining Blue Fall Nails Color

This shade is definitely new and not like your typical shades of blue. When looking for a nail color, search for a darker blue with hues of purple or green. This gives the color a midnight-ocean feel, shimmering in the night and fitting in perfectly. The mixed blue also offers a jewel tone-like finish on your tips, contrasting beautifully against all skin tones because of its depth.

Let us know which fall nail colors you’re going to try this season by tagging us on Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana, Snapchat @Faviana_NY, and Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more fun vlogs @FavianaNYC!


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