Best Feminine Accessories to Own

Your have your feminine outfit, makeup, and hairstyle picked out. What’s next? Your feminine accessories of course! Here you have a wide range to choose from to release your inner, girly self. We make it easy by providing you with the best feminine accessories to own and pair with your dress!

Feminine Accessories: Clutch

feminine accessories
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A girl goes nowhere without her bag! From designer clutches to ones from a thrift store, all complete the same purpose. Showcase your femininity by always carrying one around. The greatest part is that you can pick a style and size that fits you best. Opt for a larger one if you need to carry more bulky items, or simply go for an envelope clutch if you just need to carry the essentials. No matter what you choose, make sure you pack your clutch accordingly. Your phone, ID, and keys are a given, but there’s other essentials you should carry as well to keep up your feminine look. These include a small hair brush, a tie hair, bobby pins, a small perfume, and most importantly, your favorite lipstick!

Feminine Accessories: Metal Headband

feminine accessories
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Your next feminine accessory is a metal headband! This hair accessory will give youth and playfulness to your attire, clearly looking femme to others. The most fun aspect about this accessory though is that you can wear it with your hair in any style! Try placing it in your updo, half up hair down, or completely down hairstyle. A ponytail would even work if you want to look more preppy and girly. No matter what you choose, your hair will look fabulous and stay in all day. The metal headband stays secure and rests right behind your ears, making for an easy-to-do look.

Feminine Accessories: Tennis Bracelet

feminine accessories
Photo Credit: The Diamond Authority

Diamonds are and always will be a girl’s best friend. If you’re going to pick any accessory to wear with your dress, choose a tennis bracelet! These bracelets are thin and gives you just the right amount of sparkle on your wrists. Find one in either silver or gold, matching the tone of your attire. It gives the perfect feminine touch, and makes a great gift to give, too!

Feminine Accessories: Classic Pumps

feminine accessories
Photo Credit: Christian Louboutin

The most feminine accessory of all is your very own pumps! Strut to your event or any place in style with a classic pair of pumps. The best part is that you don’t even have to invest in a tall heel and can wear a shoe you’re most comfortable in for your special event. Just the slightest elevation will enhance the length of your legs and make them look amazing as they accent your style of the night.

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