Best Tropical Accessories to Wear

Whether you’re looking for accessories to wear to a beach, a wedding, or on vacation, we got you covered. Here at Faviana, we love tropical weather, and love tropical accessories even more. If you’re stuck on what to wear, try any of these for your next tropic event!

Tropical Accessories for Your Hair

tropical accessories for your hair
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There are an array of cool hair accessories you can wear to fit the tropical theme. One, of course, being flowers. Whether you choose to wear fake flowers, real flowers, or a flower crown, this elegant piece looks beautiful on everyone. Simply create an updo, beach waves, or a braided hairstyle. Then strategically place the flowers where you feel is best with your attire. This is especially a great accessory for beach weddings and any other outdoor event.

Tropical Accessories for Your Wrists

tropical accessories for your wrists
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Besides your hair, the rest of your body deserves the tropical vibes as well. An easy and fun way to express yourself are through fun bracelets. The tropical feel comes from the beads, shells, and colors. In addition, you can have fun tropical animals such as elephants, or rock flower and starfish designs with these. Wear just one, or a couple up your arm to really get in the mindset. You’ll always feel like you’re on vacation with these bracelets, while always wanting to wear them since they’re so cute and match a wide variety of your outfits!

Tropical Accessories for Your Body

tropical accessories for your body
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Besides normal jewelry, there’s a new body jewelry trend. There’s no better way to wear this than on a tropical vacation or beach. These thin, pieces of wire and jewels allow you to accessorize your bathing suit and stand out. Try it around your chest, stomach, waist, or thighs. You’ll instantly feel beautiful and stylish with this simple yet elegant piece, it doesn’t get easier than that.

Tropical Accessories for Your Skin

tropical accessories for your skin
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Your skin deserves some shine and loving, too. Easily achieve jewelry pasted on you with silver and gold body jewelry tattoos. Simply cut out the design you desire, place it where you want like a regular tattoo, pat on water, and then hold for 30 seconds. As soon as the design leaves the paper and is attached to your skin, remove the paper and splash some warm water on the design for it to set. Let it dry on its own, and you now have a metallic, temporary tattoo for 2 weeks! It’s that easy, and looks that gorgeous on the beach and in the sun.

Tropical Accessories for Your Feet

Tropical accessories for your feet
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Last but not least, let’s not forget about your feet. Give them the tropical vibe with their own shining jewelry. Ankle bracelets, toe rings, and anything with beads or shells are always great choices. Additionally, there’s body jewelry out there specifically made to wear on your feet. Now you can show some bling and sparkle with every step you take with your bare feet outside!

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