Creative Boho Makeup Ideas

You’ve got the perfect Faviana dress, fit for a Boho Princess. To finish off the look you’ve got to accessorize, figure out a boho hairstyle, and how to do your makeup. We have collected some of our favorite and most creative boho makeup ideas, perfect for completing your look!

Boho Makeup: Colorful Eyes

boho makeup
Photo Credit: Stelleleonie

When creating a boho look,  it’s a good time to experiment with some color! Turquoise is the ultimate boho fairy princess color, and you could make it go with really any dress if you keep the remaining accessories neutral. Pick a color that will make your eyes pop but is still light. Do an all-over shadow or just try it out with some colored liner. Do not be afraid to add some glitter, too!

Boho Makeup: Floral eyes

boho makeup
Photo Credit: alfemminile

Break out the face paint and channel your inner artist! Go floral with little details along those pretty eyes. Paint on some daisies with your smallest brush – this is definitely something you practice first! Paint them into the shape of a wing. All you really need on top is bold lashes. Pick a color that will accent your eyes and matches your dress! Just be sure to use paint that’s safe for your face and eyes, of course.

Boho Makeup: Soft Lips

boho makeup
Photo Credit: MuGeek Vidalondon

If you’re doing more subtle, natural eyes, (or even more colorful!) choose some soft pink lipstick in a creamy or glossy finish. If you’re feeling adventurous, add some glitter or do a glittery gloss. Be sure to pack whatever you choose in your bag for touch ups!

Boho Makeup: Dewy Face

boho makeup
Photo Credit: LookFantastic

For your overall look, opt for some dewy skin instead of a matte look. Start with spraying rose water all over your face, then a hydrating moisturizer. Next, use a non-matte foundation or BB cream. Dab on some cream or liquid highlighter, and finish with some rosy cheeks. Top it off with a finishing spray, and pack a hydrating spray in your clutch!

Boho Makeup: Glitter

boho makeup
Photo Credit: Marie Claire

If you’re going for a more bold boho look, try out glitter strobing! Use some facial glitter gel, and apply it with your fingers. Dab wherever you want to highlight! We recommend around your eyes (but be careful!). If you’d rather just glitter, mix it into some facial lotion or layer it on top of some strong primer. Be sure to spray with a setting spray!

Boho Makeup: Gems

boho makeup
Photo Credit: Byrdie Beauty

Another way to add some glitter is using some gems! You can find specific facial gem stickers or get some from a craft store. Get creative with where you put them – across your forehead, following the shape of your eyebrows, or do under one or both eyes. Again, use a setting spray so they stay put!

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