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The Best Boho Hair Styles


The Bohemian style is all about being laid back, whimsical, and free. Therefore, we’ve put together easy boho hair styles for you so that you can perfectly complete your look for your next special event! Don’t forget to finish off with some boho accessories and easy boho makeup, too! 

Boho Hair: Large Braids

Upgrade your typical half up hairstyle with some braids! Start by loosely waving your hair with a wand iron. Then section off your hair as you typically would for a half up style, pulling back the hair that would get in your face. Smooth and secure this top part, leaving some down at the bottom to be braided. Braid this section back, and secure with either clear rubber bands or bobby pins. Use bobby pins to adjust and fix to get the perfect balance of secure yet slightly messy look. Finally, use hairspray to hold in place all night. If you’re not feeling braids or can not braid your own hair, try just twisting the two strands towards the back instead!

Boho Hair: Half Bun

Photo Credit: Styleskinner

This is a great, easy style you can do yourself for your next event! Start by using some texturizing spray, or mousse if you just washed it and it’s damp and dry. Lightly wave your hair using a large curling wand. Then, pull the top of your hair up into a pretty messy bun. If you’re having trouble, section around your part and wrap the two section around each other. Secure with a hair elastic, hairspray, and use some bobby pins to perfect the look. This can be a great no fuss hairstyle. Add some small braids or twists for some added details!

Boho Hair: Faux Pony

Another super easy, natural hairstyle is the faux pony! This hairstyle involves pulling back your hair using bobby pins, not securing it into an actual pony with a hair tie to keep a soft, gentle, low-maintenance look. Use a texturizing mousse or spray to add some texture to your look, and wave gently with a curling wand if necessary. Pull a small section of hair from the front (enough for a bobby pin to hold) and cross around to the back of your hair, gathering it all into the shape of a low pony at the back. Pin under the hair, so it is gathered to the side and the bobby pin is covered. Repeat with the opposite side, so that the hair is gathered into a ponytail shape in the back. Repeat 2-3 more times, criss-crossing the hair. Secure with more bobby pins and hairspray where necessary.

Boho Hair: Hippie Braids

For a relaxed look perfect for completing your boho princess look, try hippie braids for your next event! Again, start with texturized hair, keeping it mostly straight with a bit of natural wave, or use a curling wand for soft waves. Part your hair in the middle and brush down both sides, and choose a section of hair above your head to braid. Leave some hair out in the front, because you will then pull it back over top of the braid and secure it in the back, so that the first braid frames your face. Do the same with the other side, brushing the pieces back so they are smooth and where they meet in the center back, join and braid them together. Finally, adjust with bobby pins and hairspray into place!

Add something more to your hairstyle by adding a cool hair accessory such as a headband, hair piece, or crown! Flowers also make a great addition, and are so romantic and pretty!

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