Easy Updos for Long Hair

The struggles of trying to find the perfect evening dress are finally over. You have decided on the color of your nails and what you are going to do for your makeup. There is only one thing left-the perfect hairstyle for your long, luscious locks! For us girls with long, flowing tresses, sometimes figuring out a formal hair style can seem overwhelming- simply because we just have more hair to deal with and to take care of!  Keep reading for our top five favorite hairstyles for the long haired ladies! 

Upside-Down Braided BunFaviana's Guide To The Top 5 Hairstyles For Long Hair | Braid Bun | Faviana

This super cute hairstyle is bound to impress your friends and date! While it looks like an artwork, it requires very little effort for that moment when you are running late to get out the door on your big night. Just flip your hair over and grab a section of hair from your neck. Create a french braid by grabbing extra sections of hair from the side and adding it to the main section to create that fairytale look.  Braided it halfway then secure it with a small, clear elastic. Flip your hair back over to create the perfect bun with a bun donut that matches your hair color. Secure it with bobby pins and you are ready to go! To glam it up, add rhinestone hair pins to make your hairstyle stand out even more.

Sleek PonyFaviana's Guide To The Top 5 Hairstyles For Long Hair | Sleep Pony | Faviana

Ponytails are no longer just for the school day. If simplicity is your thing, you might want to try out this sleek ponytail for your special night. Many celebrities are seen rocking this hairstyle at red carpet events! Make sure your hair is pin straight and tie it in a high ponytail. Use several elastics if your hair is extra thick. Place several bobby pins upside down underneath your ponytail so they cannot be seen. This will give you that additional volume you are looking for! Finally, spray a toothbrush with hairspray and brush back those fly-aways. It’s that simple!  

Classic CurlsFaviana's Guide To The Top 5 Hairstyles For Long Hair | Curls | Faviana

You can never go wrong with some classic curls! Just section your hair off and grab a 1.5 inch curling iron. Make sure to pin your curls up to ensure that they last a night of dancing. Right before your date arrives, take out the pins for some structured curls that will cascade down your back.

Waterfall BraidFaviana's Guide To The Top 5 Hairstyles For Long Hair |Waterfall Braid | Faviana

This waterfall braid is a unique twist on the classic curls. Start by creating a waterfall braid from one ear to the other. Then, section off your hair and grab a 1 inch curling iron to curl the bottom of your hair. Pull out some pieces of hair in front to frame your face and voila! A quick and easy hairstyle that will surely turn heads.

Criss Cross Half UpdoFaviana's Guide To The Top 5 Hairstyles For Long Hair |Waterfall Braid | Faviana

This gorgeous half updo will definitely be the talk of the night and requires very little effort on your end! Start by teasing the hair around the crown of your head. Then, curl your hair using a 1-2 inch curling iron. Grab 1 inch sections of hair starting from your ear and bring it to the middle of your head. Pin it down with a bobby pin that matches your hair color. Repeat this on the other side until you have 4-5 sections, or until you are happy with how it looks. Accessorize with rhinestone hairpins to bring even more glamour to this beautiful hairstyle.

I hope this guide gave you an idea as to what you want for your special occasion hairstyle. Remember, the sky’s the limit! We would love to see pictures of your hairstyle for your night out. Comment below, tag us on Instagram @Faviana_NY, or send us a picture on Twitter @FavianaNY to show us what you’re rocking!



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