How To Rock Faviana After Prom

We spend months searching for the perfect gown to wear on that one special night – prom. It’s probably one of the most expensive dresses you’ve ever purchased, and it’s sad to think you may never wear it again. The prom pictures will last forever and you’ll always reminiscence about how gorgeous the piece you fell in love with is, but prom dresses shouldn’t live forever in the back of our closets. If you’re all for re-purposing, then here are some creative ways to re-wear your prom dress and rock Faviana long after prom!

Rock Faviana at Another Event

rock faviana after prom
@faviana_stylist / Faviana Style S10093

Prom may be over, but this won’t be the only fancy evening that comes your way. Save your dress for a future formal, ball, pageant, homecoming, wedding, or graduation, if appropriate of course. What if you don’t have an event coming up? Plan one! A spontaneous trip to the opera is perfect to showcase your one-of-a-kind dress, fitting flawlessly in the scene.

Rock Faviana as a Costume

rock faviana after prom
Faviana Style 7755

A fun way to get all dolled up again is for another celebration. You can modify your prom dress into an elegant outfit for a costume party or Halloween. Just by adding some props and makeup can make any style dress fit into the theme of any character. Whether it’s Cruella de Vil, zombie bride, or sleeping beauty, give it a go the next time you’re stumped on a costume idea.

Rock Faviana Altered

rock faviana with alters
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For those good in tailoring, alter the dress into another special-occasion attire. You could shorten the dress, change or remove the embellishments, or even make a separate top and skirt out of it. You could also dress the gown down by pairing it with a denim jacket, a t-shirt underneath, simple jewelry, or casual shoes. The best part about this is that your dress doesn’t have to be formal anymore, as you can style it sporty or sleek. You’re the designer here, so anything goes.

Rock Faviana as an Accessory

rock faviana as an accessory
Faviana Style S10046

Who says you can’t have another item wear your dress? It’s time to put your crafting and sewing skills to use for this one. Turn the fabrics of your gown into a purse, throw pillow, bed sheet, blanket, napkin, tablecloth, curtain, or stuffed animal. The possibilities are truly endless, so let that creative mind of yours flow. This works best with fun fabrics and colors!

Have Someone Else Rock Faviana

rock faviana at favianaIf you truly believe you got the most out of your dress already, why not give it to someone who will appreciate it just as much as you? Handing down a dress to a family member, friend, charity, or Faviana’s Upcycle Program are great ways to keep the dress alive and worn. Make someone else feel as beautiful as you did on that night, and I guarantee they won’t forget it either.

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